Dino Riders – Tyco Super Dough


Tyco may now be a defunct brand of Mattel but once upon a time they were a big player in toys. My favorite Tyco toyline is obviously Dino Riders; it’s also my favorite toyline from any company at any time. When Dino Riders was riding it’s brief wave of popularity Tyco was branching out and experimenting with other kinds of toys. One venture was their own version of Play-Doh called it Super Dough.


Super Dough was available in a large assortment of brands and sets but the main one that concerns me is the Dino Riders set. The set came loaded with everything you’d need to create a fully armed Rulon T-Rex and Valorian Quetzalcoatlus.


The dinosaurs were simple plastic pieces with no articulation but the weapons and armor as well as Questar and Krulos were Super Dough molds that you made yourself.


The box shows a couple of kids creating some nicely detailed Super Dough Dino Riders. Even if my Super Dough wasn’t dried up into colorful bricks there would be no chance of me being able to create Dino Riders that looked so nice. I can still enjoy the pictures on the old box though.


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