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In looking over the Dino Riders I’ve still not covered here on Doom Kick I was surprised to see I had not yet brought the Valorian Deinonychus to the site. The deinonychus was one of two species that both Valorians and Rulons used (the other was the quetzalcoatlus). This two legged dino was a pretty popular ride to aliens and humans from the future. So is it just as good now as it was back then? Let’s see…


The deinonychus is very similar to the original Jurassic Park raptors. They are two-legged dinos that both the Valorians and Rulons used to move quickly around prehistoric Earth.



The deinonychus was shown with different Valorian riders at different times but Tyco gave us Sky, another younger looking Valorian that looks as good as any other. The figures in the toyline were less of a focus and more of an accessory. Sky is definitely nice as far as accessories go but he’s only decent for a figure.


While I prefer the Rulon deinonychus ten to one over the Valorian version I do still like the heroic deino as well. It may not look quite as cool but with less to weigh it down it appears sleeker and looks like it could run faster without all those extra guns. Course those could be jet engines on the Rulon version so weight could be a non-factor anyway.


The deinonychus is a smaller dino but looks great alongside his bigger brothers. He is like a Jeep while the bigger dinos are tanks.


Dino Riders is my favorite toyline of all time and part of that is due to the variety of dinos in different looks and sizes that make up the line. The deinonychus may be one of the smaller guys but it fills an important spot on the Valorian team and is perfect as a troop builder dino if you want to pick one dinosaur to pick up multiples.



The deino stands great on two legs and I suspect it’s that long, straight tail that helps balance things out. The two legs are spread just far enough apart to keep the deinonychus upright. There’s even an action feature that doesn’t get in the way of the sculpt or the accessories. There is a button on the back that kicks the legs when pressed. The button is part of the sculpt and is not raised or depressed into the back which is a nice touch in my opinion.


I love those claws on the feet of the deinonychus. They make me think of the scene in Jurassic Park with Alan Grant teaching the kid to respect the velociraptors.



Like Jurassic Park’s raptors, the deinonychus is well suited for hiding in the tall grass.


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