DKTV: Weekly Roundup (Plus Last Week)

Another Friday another DKTV roundup unless you’re last friday where I didn’t post one…that is being fixed today as this is the roundup for last week AND this week. This Week I did a couple of Unboxings. Above you’ll see my Unboxing of the great Entertainment Earth imperial 4 pack (That red trooper though) that just came in. Read on to see the rest of the videos.



I also unboxed the first half of the Star Wars Black The Force Awakens Wave 2 figures (Phasma and the Cobra Troo…Guavian Enforcer) Which are very cool. The second half of the set will be unboxed next week as well (Not disguise Boba Fett aka Constable Zuvio and Poe in flight suit)

I posted a video on monday of some of the UTZ crew playing Dungeon Babies 2 (aka Dungeon Defenders 2) in its pre alpha state. Why Do we call it Dungeon Babies? the world may never know.  Also I messed around and didn’t get to 25 before wipeagedeon like an idiot.

Last week I talked about Star Wars, and the then current Thanksgiving holiday.

Last Monday I posted the UTZ crew playing Battefront again, and I gotta say this is one of my favorite video game videos we’ve done yet…well it was until I edited the Jstars video that is going up on Monday.

DKTV is slowly growing,and  we are almost at 50 subs so if you like what you’re seeing give us a follow. Or if you don’t like what you’re seeing follow anyway and leave nasty comments to make us cry.


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