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Hey guys Doc here…been a while hasn’t it? don’t worry faithful DK reader now that things are finally settling down after a super duper busy couple of months I’m actually going to be getting some reviews out the door sometime (Sure Doc, sure we’ve heard it all before) soon, but today I’m here to talk about our new friendship with Game Traders USAI’ve known Phil (the big daddy over at GTUSA) for ages now online, and we’ve been talking about getting something going for a while . Today marks the start of that actually happening with my first guest post over there. Read on to hear a bit more about all this.


So I picked up a XboxOne recently, and since this even coincided with my start at GTUSA I figured what better way to kick this crazy show than with a quick rundown of things I noticed about the One. I’ll be popping up over there from time to time to talk about games, and coupled with all the video game stuff I’ve been doing over on DKTV should bring a nice selection of video game content here on DK. So check my post out, and let me know what you think!


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