ECW Champion Clashers Taz – 2000


I’ve been digging through boxes looking for stuff to purge lately and it has led to several discoveries that I’d completely forgotten about owning. There was a time when I was a huge wrestling fan and I’ve been coming across several pieces from the WWF-WCW-ECW days of professional wrestling. The latest worthless treasure I’ve rediscovered is Taz from The Original San Francisco Toymakers.


The Original San Francisco Toymakers made WCW toys until Toy Biz took that license at which point TOSFT switched over to making ECW toys. I have some fairly bad WCW figures they made but it looks like they had improved by the time they started making hardcore toys.


I really liked Taz back in those days but I’m not sure why he was the only ECW figure I ever picked up. I was a big fan of alot of these guys back then; RVD, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Tajiri, and I was a huge fan of Raven back in the day. Taz, for some reason, was the only one I ever picked up.


He came with stickers of several other ECW stars (no Taz, oddly) There’s also a trash can which definitely makes sense as chairs and trash cans were frequently used in ECW matches. I do wish he came with his FTW Championship Belt, that would have been really cool.


The cardback shows off a load of other ECW wrestlers in the line. I’m really surprised that they went this deep into the roster. I know that ECW fans were extremely loyal and all of these guys had plently of fans but it’s still a bit shocking that this many ECW stars were made by The Original San Francisco Toymakers. It makes me want to get a whole load of these and relive some of the ECW glory days. I need to stay focused on Dino Riders though.


This is a pretty cool figure that is now over 15 years old. It isn’t quite up to par with the current WWE figures from Mattel but it isn’t bad at all. In fact, it looks like alot like it would be an old Rusev figure.

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