First Gokin NT-01S Cerebral Special Edition


I picked up the First Gokin Cerebral not too long ago and wanted to share some thoughts and a load of pictures. I’ll start by saying this thing is awesome. It’s not perfect but it is really great.


Cerebral is just a tad shorter than the original android body of Krang. It’s not a huge difference, it is a smidge smaller but it’s also heftier as well. The extra weight comes from metal parts used in various spots on the body. It sounds really cool on paper to get a partially metal android body for Krang but it’s not completely perfect.


See those huge shoulder pads? They are some of the metal parts on Cerebral. They add so much weight to the top that it makes some poses a little harder to attain. Once Cerebral starts leaning just a little forward he can end up falling over due to being so top heavy. It isn’t a complete deal killer because he is well articulated and can support his weight if you’re smart about things.


Let’s rewind because I almost forgot to mention the excellent packaging. There is an outer sleeve with some really nice artwork of Cerebral.


Removing the cardboard sleeve to get at the box reveals more artwork, this time in black and gray. The box is really sturdy and is made of high quality cardboard. That may sound boring but it’s really important in protecting Cerebral as he travels to you from China.


On the subject of protection, First Gokin packs Cerebral in foam that is custom cut to take care of the figure and accessories.


Now back to the toy. Cerebral is easily the best looking plastic Krang to date. There’s more options on the horizon but as of now you won’t find a better Krang. He looks wet and grumpy and his tentacles are even articulated!


Though First Gokin’s android body is slightly smaller than the vintage version from Playmates , the newer Cerebral is just a bit bigger than that classic Krang.


That classic vial of mutagen (It came with Super Shredder.) could use some detailing but it’s the perfect size for Cerebral.


Another feature of the First Gokin Cerebral is a light. There’s a small switch on the back of the android body that works the light inside Cerebral’s chamber. It’s not super powerful but it does look good and adds a subtle enhancement.


The light doesn’t completely change the look but it is a nice option. I do wish First Gokin would have included a battery and for the price I really feel they could have. Instead I had to order one from Amazon as it is a tiny little battery that I just couldn’t find easily on my own.


Still, even with having to track down a weird little battery, Cerebral is a really fun new version of Krang to play with.


Cerebral even comes with removable hands that can be replaced with the crazy axes. These look really cool and I may end up switching out the hands for axes every once in a while to freshen out my display shelf.


The biggest problem I see with Cerebral is the price. It looks like it usually averages around $150 USD which is far from cheap. I can’t say for sure if you’ll feel comfortable paying that much for a large, modern version of Krang but I can say that I have felt no regret in my purchase. I really love having it on my shelf of TMNT toys.


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