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You may remember a few months ago when the Articulated Icons KS was live I did an interview with Nic Wood (of The Fwoosh fame, and one of the principles on the AI project) about the project. Well I thought it was time to do a follow up and see where we were at in the production phase. As of right now we are just past their initial delivery estimate, and while the project is still a few months out from being in all our grubby little hands it seems things are moving along swimmingly. Production is always fraught with delays so no need to be worried here. After many clashes in our schedules I decided to just have Nic answer some questions instead of the usual back and forth. Let’s see what’s going on with AI now. Also Top Ten Tuesday will return next week!!

Dr Rampageo: How is production coming along?

Nic Wood: Production is going well. We have spent a LOT of time having several rounds of review for the tooling stage of production. Making the molds is one of, if not THE, most important part of production due to the complex nature of the process and the fact that everything from the translated sculpt to the articulation hinges on careful monitoring of the tooling process. Fortunately, even though we have had several rounds of back and forth, everything has gone well, and we hope to have our near final production schedule for the rest of the steps very soon.

DR: Has there been any unexpected things that have popped up during production?

NW: Honestly, the factory has been great, so as far as unexpected things go, really, the only thing is that several of articulation points and challenging sculpt points have carried over better than we expected, and some things have actually improved. The factory we are working with has been fantastic, so we are very pleased up to this point.

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DR: What have you guys learned from this whole experience?

NW: The number one thing, without a doubt, is that you CANNOT rush production. We recognize that we are a little behind what our projected timeline looked like at the time of the KS campaign, but trust me, the reason for that is only positive. We want Articulated Icons to be the best action figure line it can possibly be, and careful monitoring of the production process and great communication with the factory has been what makes us confident that these figures will be fantastic. Quality is our number one goal, so we are not straying from that, and we feel the little bit of additional time will be well worth it.

DR: How has interacting with the factory been?

NW: Thus far, it has been an absolute joy. The factory we are using is a well-established production house with a great reputation. They are really, really good at communicating the entire process with us, taking our notes and applying them, but they also make great production suggesting that are helping make AI even better. It has been really great.

DR:What is the current expected time these figures will be shipping?

NW:As I said, we expect to get our final schedule for the rest of production very soon, but right now, Q4 2016 delivery looks like the accurate timeline. We are finally getting to the point that we will have actual test shots and production pieces to show, so we are really looking forward to that, but we are aiming for happy holidays for all of the Devoted Legion.

DR: What has been the most rewarding part of the experience for you personally?

NW:This might sound juvenile, but man, it is just the fact that we are making our own action figures. This has been a dream since I was a kid, so I cannot believe it is happening, and thanks to all of the VERY talented people working on these, I think they are going to be incredible.

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DR: What happens after these figures are shipping out to collectors hands? Besides a much deserved celebration for having achieved your goal!

NW: Haha, that is a good question! Well, a celebration for sure, but our production run includes anticipated stock, so right now we are looking into options for taking AI on the road to local conventions. More on that as we get further into the year, but we hope to hit some shows and meet as many collectors possible.

Past that… there are definitely some ideas being kicked around for more AI, but first things first.

DR: How cool is it to have your own figures coming to market soon?

NW:I still cannot believe it, and though that sounds cliche, I still have not reconciled the fact that I will soon be able to hold an action figure that we have been able to produce. It is really, really cool.

DR: thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to answer these questions.

NW: Thank you, man! We appreciate this chance to do an update, especially since we have been so “heads down” busy working on the line. But rest assured, we will be having a lot more updates soon. Thanks for letting us have the opportunity!

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so there you have it everyone! The project is moving along, and the delays are even shaping up for a better product in the end. I can’t wait to play with these guys, and if you can’t either why not check out the Fwoosh front page @articulated_icons on Instagram, their twitter , and their  Facebook to stay up to date.


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