Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Part 1: Comics


Recently I took a trip to Baltimore and discovered something that I thought was unbelievable! There is a museum in Baltimore dedicated to pop culture throughout the last 100 years or so (more than 100 actually but we’ll focus on the last century). I can tell you that if you are a fan of pretty much anything in nerd-dom then you will find Geppi’s Entertainment Museum to be your Mecca! I took well over a hundred pictures inside and I think you will want to see them all so this will be spread throughout several pieces. Enough of the introduction, let’s get to the history of tv, radio, movies, toys, cereal, board games, and so much more.

geppi2The first room I went into was the comics room, called A Story in Four Colors. There were all kinds of important issues in here and representatives of a huge number of brands and publishers.

geppi3 geppi4There were even several touchscreen kiosks where you could read through some very historic issues.

geppi5 geppi6This room alone would be enough to excite most of us. The beauty of seeing all these comics in one large room was truly impressive.

geppi7There was even some beautiful artwork from various comic magazines.

geppi8Look at all those comics and this is only one corner of less than half of the room!

geppi10Batman got his own case in the middle of the room featuring several issues that have featured the Dark Knight over the years.

geppi11There’s some really heavy hitters in the middle of the room with beautiful issues of some extremely historic comics. They’ve got first appearance Batman, Green Lantern AND Superman in one case! I have to imagine that Walt Disney Comic featuring Donald Duck has to be an important issue as well to be in the company of those others.

geppi12 geppi13 geppi14

This may be the only place I will ever see these first appearance issues in my life, at least all together and in such wonderful shape (from what could be seen). I don’t read comics like I used to but I know and can appreciate the importance of these comics and it was great to find them in Baltimore.

geppi9I highly recommend Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore. Trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet! I have so much more to show off from this trip. Look for several pieces following this one covering all the toys and posters and art and so much more that is a part of our pop culture history. In fact, Doom Kick is making this week Geppi’s Week with everyday focusing on another part of the museum!

The museum is owned by Stephen Geppi, the president of Diamond Comics Distributors. Most of the stuff on display is part of his private collection and it astounds me that since the museum was opened in 2006 it has not been widely known among fans of popular culture. Maybe I am in the minority but this was the first time I had ever heard of Geppi’s.



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