Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Part 5: The Expanding Universe of Pop Culture


It’s the final day of our coverage of Geppi’s Enertainment Museum and it’s another day loaded to the brim with fun pop culture artifacts! Jump in and take the final part of our virtual trip through the museum.



I love fast food mascots and Geppi’s has them covered. The Noid from Domino’s, Ronald and Mayor McCheese from McDonald’s, the California Raisins from both Hardee’s and Sun-Maid Raisins and many more are populating the shelves in Baltimore’s funnest museum.



It’s hard to pick the best McDonald’s Happy Meal toys ever as there are some really great ones; Muppet Babies, transforming McDonald’s food, Mario Bros; but if Geppi’s had to pick one to represent Happy Meals they picked a good one in the McNugget Buddies. That’s one of my favorites!


C-3PO’s! and a Weinermobile! and DC Superheroes Cookies from Nabisco!


It’s only now that I see the box of Banana Frosted Flakes peeking in the corner of this photo!


The Dukes Boys and their famous car, the General Lee, were on Geppi’s shelves. I loved this show as a kid!



Oscar Goldman is busy at work at the Bionic Beauty Salon.


Advanced D&D! It’s hard to get more wonderful fantasy art and designs than what came along with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Geppi’s has this represented as well.


geppi84 geppi85




Geppi’s Entertainment Museum has a nice variety of classic video game merchandise representing the Atari 2600’s era of gaming. They’ve got Pac-Man and Donkey Kong toys and several early handheld systems along with that gorgeous wood grain 2600.


Rocky is a movie I avoided for most of my life. I didn’t actually see it until a few years ago. I always assumed I wouldn’t like Rocky but I was wrong, I loved it! I loved Rocky 1 and Rocky 2 and Rocky 3…well you get the idea.


You know you’re in the right place if there’s a Super Fly 8-track tape!




We’re nearing the end of our tour of Geppi’s wonderful Entertainment Museum. I really hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and I hope you get the chance to actually see this place in person one day. It’s a truly remarkable place and you can feel the love and respect for these treasures of pop culture as you walk through the museum.



I was sad to leave Geppi’s on my visit. I felt that I could have stayed for hours more if only I’d had the time. If you’re ever in Baltimore then I highly suggest you visit. The museum is priced just right ($10) and is easy to get to and easy to find. It’s right beside Camden Yards where the Orioles play baseball. The staff was super friendly and it was a real honor to walk through the museum. Thanks, Geppi’s.

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