GI Joe and the Transformers Shockwave Hiss Tank Review

Today I am reviewing what was my most wanted item from SDCC, the Shockwave Hiss Tank is such an amazing set that if you are fan of GI Joe and/or Transformers I’m sure you are already filled with want for this. This set is jam packed with a ton of cool stuff and details, so lets jump right in and take a look at the Shockwave Hiss Tank.

This set comes with 3 different file cards:

Shockwave seeks to overthrow Megatron and rule Cybertron by using a cold and brutal scientific approach to war. However, logic dictates that Shockwave should not just rule one world, but earth as well . Once all the variables had been computed , working with the human weapons manufacturer known as Destro became a most rational choice. Shockwave has been able to upgrade his alt-mode into a Cobra Hiss Tank and integrated his astroblaster into the vehicles design. This new battle ready alt-mode increases the likelihood that Shockwave will be victorious over any opposition, either human or Cybertronian, exponentially.

Destro is a major supplier and advisor to the Cobra organization, but he also pursues his own diabolical aims. He makes a deal with the Decepticon Shockwave that benefits them both. He sells Energon cubes- so valuable to Transformers- to Shockwave for a huge amount of cash, which will find his nefarious schemes to acquire even more wealth and power.

B.A.T.s are the perfect Cobra troopers. They never question orders, complain about the chow, shirk duty, or surrender. They require no leave time, sick pay or benefits of any kind, and they are cheap and easy to replace. Their robotic design allows them to be customized for specific needs, such as the Constructicon B.A.T., which can interface with Transformers to exchange information and supplement firepower.


There is so much awesome in this set that I am going to break it down into each of its elements.

The Hiss Tank: Upon opening the giant and amazing box that the set comes in, I was pretty excited to find that the tank was different from the POC/30th Hiss tank, I have never been a fan of that terrible pop up design they used on that one. This tank actually shares a mold with the Retaliation Hiss Tank as far as I can tell. So the tank is totally awesome, its molded in a great metallic purple color that really looks incredible. There is a several Decepticon logo tampos on it, which I was very excited to find were not stickers. One problem with the tampos is the one on the right side (from behind) is right over a hole where there is a screw, which doesn’t really look very good and pretty much ensures you will display he tank with its left side forward. There is wheels on the treads that allow it to roll freely, and the whole tank can be angled up in a “attack mode” to aim down at puny humans. The Gatling guns ,firing missile, and canopy of the cockpit are molded in a translucent purple that looks really neat. If you remove the missile from the turret you can attach Shockwave’s Astroblaster to it, and the front of the tank looks like Shockwave’s head both of these details go a long way towards making the tank look like Shockwave in disguise. You can put a figure in the cockpit, and one into the turret. Paint on my tank is great, with most of the tank being molded purple, there is only a few parts on the back that are painted silver and they all look nice and clean.

Destro: This is a great Destro figure! He is wearing the vest and legs of the Renegades Cobra Trooper, and he has the arms of the Techno Viper. Mostly molded in purple with some stuff painted silver. All the paint on my Destro looks really solid and clean. There is Decepticon tampo on his vest that looks awesome, and ensures this Destro will get a spot at the front of the Cobra shelf for sure. I also really like that he has a vac metal head, I always prefer this to just some silver paint on my Destro figures as it just looks better. Destro has the full compliment of Joe articulation, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles, the ab joint which is hindered by the vest, ball jointed hips and head with decent movement, and double jointed knees, . This is my personal favorite Destro to have come out in years.

Constructicon B.A.T. : I love B.A.T.s so as soon as I saw one was included in this set I was ecstatic, a Shockwave Hiss Tank is cool on its own, add a Destro and I’m interested, add a B.A.T. and it suddenly becomes a must have in my book. Fortunately the Constructicon B.A.T. does not disappoint, its the same B.A.T. figure we all know and love form the past few years, but in a sweet green/purple Constructicon deco that really looks amazing on the mold. There is tons of painted details on it that look great, even the tiny buttons on his leg are clean and nice. There is a nice black wash over his “metal” parts that looks really good as well. The B.A.T. also comes with the full compliment of weapon attachments (more on that in the accessory section) and back pack of a normal B.A.T. Articulation on is the same as every other B.A.T. Figure that has come out in the past few years, swivel/hinge shoulders, ankles, and elbows, ball jointed hips, the ab joint, swivels at the wrists of the removable hands, and a ball jointed head with great movement. This has easily surpassed the Jungle B.A.T. as the new favorite of the android army.

: Not only does this set come with some great figures, but some really neat accessories as well. You get a green techno viper gun, and a grey techno viper pistol, a black SMG, a backpack with the claw, drill, and flame thrower attachments in purple for the B.A.T, a mini boom box that looks like Soundwave in his Alt-mode with three mini cassettes that can be put into it, there is even a peg on it so you can plug into the back of a figure, a briefcase with a Decepticon tampo full of removable dollars and euros, and my personal favorite, a trolley with 3 Energon cubes on it. The Soundwave Boom box is the only part of my set that has any kind of paint issue, and they are minor but the silver is a little sloppy in a few places, but nothing that ruins the set by any means.

Overall This set is well well worth the $65 it cost at the show, on the secondary market the price for this set seems to be hovering around the $160 mark, which in my mind after having this set in hand is also pretty worth it. You have to ask yourself how much this appeals to you, if the answer is quite a bit then I would say go buy one as this is one of the coolest GI Joe items to come out in quite some time. Now if you will excuse me I have to go sell a kidney to afford last years Starscream Cobra Commander set.


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