GI Joe Basic Line Cobra Commander Review

Starting the week off with one of the final two “Basic Line” GI Joe reviews today. Cobra Commander is one of my favorite villains of all time, so naturally when I heard of his inclusion in his black uniform in the basic line I was ready to add yet another CC figure to my collection. Lets take a look at Cobra Commander.

According to the 1993 Cobra Commander File Card: Supreme Commander of the Cobra Legions, contraband arms merchant, international terrorist, and real estate swindler, Cobra Commander is the ultimate enemy of GI Joe . Although no Cobra Vipers or even his trusted Crimson Guard Commanders have ever seen his face, they know the man behind the mask is the most diabolical villain imaginable. This ruthless leader’s principle desire is to totally crush the GI Joe team, and take over the world while he’s at it! His numerous attempts to accomplish this distorted dream of world domination have so far been foiled by the Joes, but they are always on the alert because Cobra Commander keeps coming back stronger and stronger, with increasingly destructive weapons and vehicles!

I have always been a fan of Cobra Commander in black so this figure is right up my ally. He uses a Crimson Guard body with a 25th CC head making him stand a little shorter than some of the newer Joes, but its not super noticeable unless you put them next to each other. His snake sword is pretty neat and a great accessory for him to have and I appreciate him having a holster for his pistol. These days its hard to find a good classic style CC figure making this guy even better when looked at next to the renegades and various movie versions of the character. He may look a little plain in pictures due to him being mostly all black but he has some great detail in his uniform .

Paint on my CC is great! Most of the figure is molded black or silver with only minor paint aps on his face , wrists, and belt which all look mostly good. He also has a Cobra logo tampo on his hood that is nice and clean.

Cobra Commander only comes with two accessories beyond his black nameless figure stand. He has his pistol with holster , and his cobra handled sword with a sheath. I like that he can store all his limited gear on his person. Both of these accessories fit well into his hands.


Articulation on CC is standard Joe, swivel/hinge shoulders, ankles, and elbows, the ab joint, ball jointed head with decent movement, ball jointed hips, double joint knees, and swivels at the wrists.

Overall I really like this figure, he’s got a great look and is one of the better CC figures to come out in a while. If you are a fan of the Commander then I suggest you track this version down.


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