Today’s review is another of the “basic line” of GI Joe figures, this is supposed to be Duke and indeed resembles the Duke from the 2008 comic (packed with Red Star) two pack. What drew me to this figure is the fact that he looks more like a basic nameless Joe commando, and as such that is what role he will be filling on my Joe shelf. Lets take a look at duke.

According to the 2008 Comic Two Pack Duke File Card: Duke is fluent in several languages and graduated top of his class at Airborne School, Fort Brenning. Calm and determined, he commands by winning respect. He turned down a battlefield commission because it would distance him from his troops-and from the center of the action. As the GI Joe team’s field commander, Duke demands only top-notch performances from everyone, but it’s nothing he doesn’t also require of himself. He met his equal in Red Star of the Oktober Guard, respecting the Russian soldier even as he fought to defeat him whenever they crossed paths.

I really like this figure as a nameless grunt, as a Duke figure he is ok but doesn’t really have the look of leader of the Joe team about him. His head is shared with the POC Dusty figure with a different hair color, as well as some shared parts from various other Joes throughout the years. this is actually the 46th version of Duke to be released in figure form since the original series. This figure has a holster for his pistol and an unused holster on his lower leg, most of these “basic line” figures come with very little accessories but they could have at least included guns for all the holsters (See basic line Cobra Trooper as well) on the figures. The removable helmet he comes with stays on perfectly and does not hinder his head articulation at all, which is a great touch. the fact that he is mostly all green makes him look a little plain, but on a Joe shelf filled with characters that all look a little wild being plain makes you stand out even more so it works really well.

Paint on my Duke is solid, most of him is molded green with the only paint being on his hands, face, and feet all of which looks good and clean. On a QC note however is the figures hands, they have a tendency to slip out of the holes in his wrists a little bit leaving a small gap, its not a huge deal but it is kind of annoying.

Duke comes with a black figure stand which (like the rest of basic line) has a GI Joe symbol and no name. He also comes with his removable helmet, a assault rifle, and a pistol with a holster on his hip. Aside from the lack of a gun for his second holster, I feel like the accessories he does come with are good and he doesn’t really need much else.

Articulation on Duke is just about what you would expect, swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and ankles, double jointed knees, the ab joint swivels at the wrists, ball jointed head with great movement, and ball jointed hips. Aside from the issue with the wrists I mentioned before, Duke is highly poseable and fun to play with.

Overall I really like this figure, as a Duke he isn’t too hot but as a GI Joe grunt he is solid. The whole Basic Line of Joes available at Dollar General is full of some great unique Joes that you wont find anyplace else, Duke here really stands out from the rest of the Joes on the shelf.