GI Joe Basic Line Shipwreck Review

Here today with the last of the GI Joe Basic line reviews, and I saved what I think to be one of the most essential figures in the entire basic line. We have not had a good Shipwreck figure since 2010, and even that was a Artic version of the character so its good to have a “normal” shipwreck in line with the rest of the Joes. this version of Shipwreck is based off of the 2002 two pack in which he came with the Cobra B.A.T. This is a great figure so  lets take a look at shipwreck.

According to the 2002 Shipwreck file card: Shipwreck can splice a cable, plot a gunnery solution, navigate through shallow waters and keep the helm on a steady heading through the eye of the storm in twenty foot seas while eating a runny fried-egg sandwich with mayonnaise on it . A knowledgeable chief with hands-on experience in most naval vessels up to frigate class, he is a strong hand-to-hand fighter as well, and can be counted on to put the enemy out of commission and take names when boarding hostile ships. It is quite telling that none of the other GI Joe team never calls Shipwreck “swabbie” or “sailor boy “. Its just not worth the risk! Gung Ho has been heard to remark that Shipwreck is the last guy he would want to get into a knife-fight with. This is not to say that he isn’t a likeable and sociable individual . On the contrary , he is always first at the mic on karaoke night, and can perform a number of amusing tricks with his tattoos. Why is it that Cobra B.AT.s rub him the wrong way? Because they leak 40 weight oil on his fresh-swabbed decks, that’s why!

I have always loved Shipwreck for some reason and I don’t know why, I don’t care for sailors or the sea very much so maybe its just his awesome attitude or his pet parrot Polly, either way I have been a shipwreck fan for years now so I was really excited when I saw that the Basic Line would include a modern Shipwreck that wasn’t in artic gear. Unfortunately being in the basic line means his accessories are limited, so we don’t get a Polly with this figure, and now I wish I would have bought that artic Shipwreck when I had the chance, guess I will just have to track one down someplace online now. This is a nice version of Shipwreck, gone is the rather hokey sailor outfit and seaman’s cap. He is wearing s simple sweater, pants, and knit hat that is a great and more serious look for the character. This figure uses the Renegades Duke legs, so he has a slot in his leg for the pistol to go into. The slot isn’t terrible when the gun is plugged into it but when its not it leaves a large hole in the side of his leg, this isn’t a huge deal overall but it does detract from the figure slightly. At least Hasbro was nice enough to include the proper gun for the slot.

Paint on my Shipwreck is pretty flawless, even where his hat meets his head there is no slop and everything looks clean and nice. The head sculpt is good as well, and really helps sell Shipwreck’s attitude. For a discount store line the paint on most of the figures in this wave is really great, and shipwreck is one of the best looking of the bunch.

Shipwreck comes with the Black figure stand with the GI Joe logo and no name on it, the Renegades pistol, and a backpack with a an attachable scuba mask. The backpack fits onto the figure well and the mask is easy to attach and slip over the figures head. these accessories work well for the figure, and the scuba mask is nice to give him some kind of aquatic stuff which is essential for a salty dog like Shipwreck.


Articulation on Shipwreck is great! He’s got the swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, and ankles, the ab joint, double jointed knees, ball jointed hips and head with tons of movement range. He also has swivel/hinge wrists that unlike a lot of Joes with this feature both hinge up and down, instead of one going up/down and the other going left/right. None of his costume element get in the way of his articulation which is also a plus.

Overall I really like this Shipwreck figure and highly recommend him. His lack of Polly and the ugly slot on his leg are two small sticking points, but they do little to mar an otherwise awesome figure. I really hope Hasbro has a second assortment of Basic Line figures in the works, and I also hope these figures start appearing in other stores besides Dollar General soon too, as I would love to lay hands on some doubles of a few of these guys.


2 thoughts on “GI Joe Basic Line Shipwreck Review

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    July 24, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    head, backpack and mask is all ROC Shipwreck. I’m not sure if the arms are maybe too, but the named parts i’m pretty sure.
    I dunno why Shipwreck is so great but i hate it that he hadn’t had a role in the movie, but the time he was on in the 80ies animation it was always pretty dope. Polly, Shipwreck, Snake Eyes and Timberwolf all dressed up as a party gang would be my favorite figureset to own (if it were ever produced, haha).
    Oh lord:

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      July 24, 2012 at 5:17 pm

      I would buy that for sure Ralph!!


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