GI Joe Basic Line Snake Eyes Review

Starting the week off with another GI Joe Basic Line review, today is Snake eyes modeled after a version of Snake Eyes from the 90’s. This Snake Eyes was one of my favorites as a child due to the spring loaded grappling hook launcher backpack he came with, so when the first pictures of the Basic Line appeared online this was one of the figures I was most excited to get. Lets take a look at Snake Eyes.

According to the 1991 Snake Eyes File card: SNAKE EYES honed his combat skills as a Long Range Recon Patrol trooper in Southeast Asia and perfected his mystical martial arts techniques with the same Ninja clan that produced STORM SHADOW. Although he is as equally adept with submachine guns as he is with swords, Snake Eyes is most dangerous and unpredictable when he’s armed and cornered. When HAWK went to Snake Eye’s cabin to recruit him for duty with G.I. Joe, the silent Ninja was out hunting rabbits – bare handed!

Hasbro did a great job using existing parts to create Snake’s look from 91 perfectly, he may not come with a grapple launching backpack, but he looks just like I remember him looking back in the day. The draw to me of the basic line is variants like this that you cant get anyplace else. This snake eyes looks a lot more commando than ninja, which is a nice change of pace from all the heavy on the ninja elements versions of Snake we have been seeing as of late. Other than his throwback color scheme there really isn’t too much to say about this guy, he looks good and that’s about it he doesn’t come with a ton of accessories, but he does fill a very specific hole in the Joe shelf for old school fans. If you have fond memories of the 90’s Snake Eyes this guy is right up your ally.

Paint on my Snake Eyes is top notch, for a “cheap line of Joes most of the paint on my Basic Line figures is wonderful. There isn’t one area on Snake Eyes that could be considered a QC problem, that’s pretty rare these days. I don’t know if its because of the head they used or what, but Snake’s head does sit really low on his body making him look a little bit weird next to some of the other Joes on the shelf.

Snake Eyes is tied with the black Cobra Trooper for coming with the least accessories in the entire Basic Line, he’s got a black figure stand with the GI Joe logo on it , and a katana sword, that’s all you get with him. It would have been nice to have gotten a SMG or a backpack or something, but like I have said before you probably have a ton of extra Joe weapons (I know I do) lying around if you want to equip him a little better.

Articulation on Snake is standard GI Joe, swivel/hinge shoulders, ankles, and elbows, the ab joint, ball joints on the hips and head with great movement, double jointed knees, and swivels at the wrists.

Overall being a nice modern remake of a classic Snake Eyes figure I really like this version of Snake Eyes, sure he could have come with more stuff, but its certainly not a necessity. Fans of this particular version will have already tracked him down, but if you are just a casual Joe fan he is still worth your time, as this is a nice figure.


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