GI Joe Real American Heroes Navy Special Ops 12 inch Figure Review.

Today’s Review is from the other end of the GI Joe spectrum of toys, the 12 inch line. The recent 12 inch figures are all based off of real life “Real American Heroes” such as firefighters, policemen and soldiers. This figure is a Navy special Ops soldier and a really cool toy. Lets take a look at the Navy Special Ops figure.

According to the box: Under the cover of night, elite commandos carry out critical missions to protect the world. Swooping down from helicopters, these covert warriors of the sea, land and air train for any scenario and prepare for each operation with rigorous detail. They are experts at close quarters combat, in which a dangerous enemy may be waiting for them around every corner. These unsung heroes go into harm’s way with no thought but to lead with readiness and never quit until they successfully complete their mission.

This is a cool figure! The costume is made of real cloth and is very well made with plenty of nice details all around like pockets in many places and patches designating rank and whatnot. He has a small set of dog tags that are made of real metal, but are a little too big for the scale of the figure so I removed them promptly and put them in the parts bin. This figure comes with a balaclava that I have noticed in most of the pictures online (and by default in the box) it sits under his nose, I pulled mine up over his nose and I think it looks a lot better that way. Under the balaclava and helmet is a nicely sculpted head with a scar on the cheek that looks just like you would expect a hardened Navy Spec Ops soldier would. He has a small hole in his ear that you can plug his communicator headset into, but as mine will be wearing his full complement of headgear he doesn’t get much use out of his headset. His rifle has an extending butt so you can set it up for long range shots or close quarters gunfights and has a sling so he can keep it over his shoulder if need be. His knife and pistol have holsters on his belt and his radio also clips to the belt as well and comes out of its case. The pistol he comes with (along with all his gear) is very detailed, it can be cocked back and the clip comes out for some great reloading poses. My only real problem with this figure is his belt is molded green, I wish it had been black like the rest of the figure but its only a small gripe. The figure also has removable knee and elbow pads if you choose to take them off.

Most of this figure is molded the color it needs to be with the only real paint being on the face, which is very clean with great looking details. The scar looks great and the eyes look nice and sharp. The clear orange goggles have a little bit of scraped off paint on the lower edge of them that shows the clear orange coming through, but I don’t know if it came like that or if its from me taking them on and off, either way it doesn’t look very bad unless you are looking for it.

The Navy Special Ops figure comes with great accessories, you get the pistol and knife with sheathes/holsters, the radio with case and headset, the elbow/knee pads, a helmet, goggles, the dog tags, a balaclava, a harness that goes around his neck for the communicator which incidentally works great for keeping the balaclava tight on his head and a assault rifle with the extending butt. A great amount of accessories which can all be stored on the figure.

Articulation is amazing on this figure, he’s got the swivel/hinge shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows and I think ankles but honestly I couldn’t get the boots off to check, there is something there for a joint though, a ball jointed head that moves in a ton of ways, a swivel at the waist and hinges on his three fingers and a separate one on his trigger finger. The finger articulation is a huge bonus on this figure as it allows him to solidly hold any kind of weapon, articulation on the whole for this figure is amazing and you can get him into some really terrific poses.

Overall this is a great figure that is packed with great details accessories and articulation. For between $20-$30 depending on where you go he is awesome to play with and will bring the ruckus to your other 12 inch figures.


Even after growing up and joining the navy, Calvin just couldnt leave Hobbes behind.

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2 thoughts on “GI Joe Real American Heroes Navy Special Ops 12 inch Figure Review.

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    May 26, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Awesome for $30. Calvin grew up tough!

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      May 26, 2012 at 3:04 am

      he did! all that spaceman spif roleplay really paid off


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