GI Joe Retaliation Cobra Fang Boat Review- A Great DesiGn That May Be Predictive Of Future Designs

Starting the week with the last (for now) Retaliation vehicle reviews. The Cobra Fang Boat is the best vehicle out of the three I have and is a pretty great vehicle to have, despite the (expected) terrible driver figure. Lets take a look at the Cobra Fang Boat.
predictive dialer

The Fang boat is pretty much a modern update of the Vintage Water Moccasin, one of my favorite vintage vehicles and it looks great and has a ton of neat details all over it. The detail of the design is not alo great, but may even be a predictive symbol of
which direction future designs go. There is several pegs on the sides and front for posing figures. Each side of the boat has a storage compartment with a Cobra tampo clip on cover. The fan on the back can be spun by rotating a dial on the back near the removable engine cover and the fins move side to side, and while the little dialer is neat, the giant missile launcher on the side comes right off if you don’t like the look of it, which is something I am pretty excited about! You can place a figure in the rotating gun turret and you can place a figure in the drivers seat by unclipping the canopy. There is also a torpedo clipped into the bottom of the boat which can be taken out, with quite a bit of force in my case. It is also a decent size and makes for a great display piece on the shelf with a bunch of guys posed all over it .

Most of the boat is molded in a color so it all looks clean with no paint issues. There is several Cobra logos tampo printed on the boat that all look great. There is also a sticker sheet, which in this case I actually used a few of even if they still feel cheap to me.


Like the rest of the Retaliation vehicles the Fang boat comes with a barely articulated driver figure. This time it’s a Swamp Viper who actually looks pretty cool, despite only being articulated at the shoulders, legs and head. These driver figures are really the biggest shame of all the Retaliation vehicles, if this Swamp viper had been a real fully articulated Joe he would actually be a sweet figure.

Unlike the Ninja Commando 4×4 it doesn’t feel like it would it break very easily and unlike the Ghost Hawk II it doesn’t constantly keep falling apart while you are holding it.

Overall The Fang Boat is a Great Vehicle fro any Joe collector and the terrible driver figure doesn’t do much to detract from the greatness of this Boat. If you come across one in your favorite retailer pick one up, you shouldn’t be disappointed.


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