GI Joe Retaliation Cobra Trooper Review

Cobra Trooper Wednesday’s third review is the Retaliation trooper, a figure with a couple of problems that is still pretty sweet. Lets take a look at the GI Joe Retaliation Cobra Trooper.

According to the card back: The sinister Cobra Trooper descends through the darkness toward his target. The specialized Cobra parachute is designed for high altitude jumps.

This figure is pretty cool, he has a great trooper look about him and some nice Cobra logo tampos on his helmet and under his harness.  The figure almost looks like something out of a browser MMORPG. His helmet is removable and he has a holster for his pistol. If you take his harness and helmet off he kind of looks like some kind of Cobra technician, so if you are looking for some guys to fill seats in your Terror Drome these guys could fit the bill easily. Also included with this figure is a parachute and harness, the chute is made of some kind of fabric and hooks easily into the harness, the harness it self is easy to get on/off by removing the figures head, removing his combat harness and sliding it on. My only complaint about the harness for the chute is that the straps stick right up, which is great if you want to throw your toy in the air, but not so good for display.

Paint on my Trooper is awesome, there is no paint issues and everything looks really clean.


The Cobra Trooper comes with a few accessories, you get his helmet, the combat harness with a holster for his pistol, the parachute and harness, and a rifle. The rifle sucks quite a bit and barely fits in his hand as well as being too big for any kind of realistic poses. His pistol is great however so if you have some extra guns laying around I suggest you equip him with one of those instead of the rifle he comes with.

Articulation on the Cobra Trooper is fairly standard Retaliation, a ball jointed head with ok movement, ball jointed hips, the ab joint, swivel/hinge elbows and shoulders, hinges at the knees and swivels at the wrists. I have said it before but the lack of ankle articulation on the Retaliation figures really isn’t great and keeps them from some poses other Joes can do with ease.

Overall this is a good figure despite the terrible rifle and lack of articulation. If you love nameless troops like I do he is well worth picking up if you manage to find him in stores before the Retaliation stuff is gone and if not them there is always March 2013.


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