This will be my last Retaliation review for a while, I have all the figures I want from the available assortment except maybe some doubles . I saved the best for last however, the Joe Trooper is an incredible figure beyond even just the movie line, in fact its one of the cooler Joes I have picked up in quite some time. Lets Take a look at the Joe Trooper.

According to the card back: The G.I. Joe Trooper is armed with enough weapons to win any battle! With his mask and survival cloak, he can withstand the most brutal battle conditions on earth.

This guy has quite a bit going for him, being a faceless grunt is a quick way to my heart to begin with, and the different options for his look make him a great army builder. He is loaded to the gills with weapons and he comes with 2 heads, one that is a pretty sweet helmet that looks a lot like the Master Chief , and a Mohawk sporting tough army guy that looks a little bit like Soap MacTavish from Call of Duty. Also included is his mask that slips over the Mohawk head and his survival cloak, there are two different versions of the Joe Trooper one has a tan cloak/mask/neckpiece and the other has the blue cloak/mask/neckpiece, the blue reads as some kind of Scooby Doo level Cobra disguise which I really really like. You can take his neck piece off, but I like it on him so I left it . With the exception of whichever head you are not using there is space to store all of his gear on him, which in his case coming with so much is incredible.

Paint on my Trooper is great, a lot of him is molded in green and what paint there is looks clean. His visor has a tiny amount of slop where it meets the visor, but its hardly noticeable and being on the underside of the visor it is out of sight unless you are looking at it upside down.

The accessories really send this guy over the edge in terms of being an awesome figure. He comes with the cloak, mask, and neck piece I mentioned before, 2 small pistols, 2 large pistols, a shovel, 2 knives with a detachable sheath, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and what appears to be either a shotgun or a grenade launcher. His backpack has holsters for the pistols, clips for two of the other guns, a spot for the shovel, and a peg for the mask. The cloak has a hole in the back so he can wear his backpack with it, and is made of a fairly soft plastic that slides right around his neck without having to remove his head.

Articulation on the Joe Trooper is amazing! This is one of the most poseable figures to come out of GI Joe in quite some time. He has the swivel/hinge shoulders, and elbows, the ab joint, swivels at the wrists, ball jointed hips and heads with great movement, and double jointed knees. His ankles are what really surprise me though, they are not quite like other Joe ankles, they are a swivel and hinge joint, but they have a almost rocker ankle feel to them as they capable of going side to side as well which really helps out in not only making the figure stable , but also making posing really fun as well. In a world where most of the Retaliation figures don’t even have ankle articulation, this is even more surprising, and a feature I wouldn’t mind seeing on future figures. My Joe Trooper’s joints did get a little loose pretty quickly, its not terrible but should be noted.

Overall The GI Joe Trooper is not only a great movie figure, but a great Joe period. His great assortment of accessories and different looks make him a great addition to any Joe collection. If you don’t buy any Retaliation stuff but this guy you would be totally fine, and he fits right in with the “real” Joes very well. I highly recommend GI Joe Trooper if you happen across one in your travels.