GI Joe Retaliation Ninja Dojo Set Review

Starting the week off with another review of the new GI Joe Retaliation product. Today’s review is the GI Joe Ninja Dojo Set, a pretty awesome 3 pack that I’m mostly impressed by. The set comes with figures of Beachhead, The Rock as night ops Roadblock and Kamakura. Lets take a look at the Ninja Dojo set.

According to the box: Three GI Joe ninja commandos carry out a top-secret mission under the cover of night. With their advanced tactical skill and ninja training, they can slip through the darkness in stealthy silence. When they reach their target, they launch a high-impact missile assault to destroy a fleet of Cobra attack tanks!

So I’m going to break this set down into each of its individual figures.


Beachhead has always been a favorite character of mine, he is the gruff drill sergeant of the Joe team and is a highly skilled commando who is capable of handling even the most dangerous missions. This Beachhead figure is great and barely even counts a movie figure, he may as well be a 30th Joe as he shares the same body and head as the Steel Brigade ( the second version from the 30th wave) with the only difference being his tactical vest being different. Its great that this figure feels like a “real” Joe and not a terrible movie figure and its one of the things that made me want to buy this set from the get go.

Paint on my Beachhead is great, he is mostly molded in the colors that he is but he has a great American flag tampo on his shoulder and the paint where his balaclava and eyes meet is nice and clean.

Beachhead comes with a few accessories, he’s got the pistol/silencer and knife that fit in the holster and sheath on his leg, 2 different SMG weapons. Another different knife and a 2 color ( a relative rarity in the Joe weapons world) assault rifle.

Articulation on Beach is great! He has the swivel/hinge shoulders, ankles, wrists and elbows, a ball jointed head with great movement, the ab joint, double hinged knees, and ball jointed hips.

As a Movie figure who works just as well with the 30th Joes Beachhead is pretty awesome.


Kamakura is a character I know nothing about really, he debuted in 2003 and is I guess the apprentice of Snake Eyes but for my purposes he is just some faceless ninja commando. This is another figure that surprised me by being much more of a “real” Joe than a movie figure.


Paint on my Kamakura is once again great, he’s got a clean tampo of the Arashikage logo on his arm and the gold on his bracers and calf armor looks really good. He even has the little buckles on his web gear painted which is a classy touch. His hood is also removable if you wanted him to be rocking just the ninja head look.

Kamakura comes loaded to the gills with accessories, he’s got short and long katanas with sheaths on his back pack, a machete with a sheath, nunchuks, another long sword, a SMG and a tekagi (the wolverine style claw thing) that clips to his wrist. A really great amount of accessories for a 3 pack figure.

Articulation on Kamakura is good old fashioned Joe awesome, he s got swivel/hinge ankles, elbows and shoulders, ball jointed hips and head with ok movement, double jointed knees, swivels at the wrists and the ab joint.

Kamakura is another great figure and if you like your Joe to have some ninja in it then you will love Kamakura.

Night Ops Roadblock:

One of the reasons I have been excited about the retaliation product is to have The Rock and Bruce Willis in my Joe collection. I guess in the Retaliation movie Roadblock is some kind of ninja master (this figure even has the Arashikage logo tampo on his chest under the web gear) but for my purposes this isn’t roadblock, it’s The Rock who was clearly recruited to the Joe team by Sgt Slaughter. The single card Rockblock ( yeah I said it) in wave 1 of the Retaliation product has the handle of his gun molded into his hand, which is a huge turn off for me so I’m glad they managed to get us a figure that isn’t ruined by a stupid missile firing action feature this early in the line. The likeness of The rock is pretty good and this figure also stands taller than most of the other Joes in my collection, even the big guys like Red Dog.

Paint on my Night Ops Roadblock is great, he is mostly all molded black and skin tone but his night camo is all clean and his eyes and the stubble on his face look good. One QC issue my figure does has is this piece of “skin” that looks to have popped out of his elbow leaving this little flap but its not a huge deal just worth mentioning.


He comes with a few accessories, a mini gun with a belt of bullets and a backpack to plug it into, a heavy machine gun and a large missile firing gun that will be going right into the parts bin.

Articulation on The Rock is a little different that the other figures in this set, he’s got the swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows, the ab joint, ball jointed hips and head with great movement, swivels at the wrists, and hinges at the knees. The weird thing is he has zero ankle articulation and I hope this isn’t how all the movie figures that use new molds are going to be. He does stand fine despite his large size so I guess its not a big deal but when Joes are concerned the more articulation the better if you ask me.

As of right now this seems to be the best Rockblock figure available from this line.

So overall this 3 pack was well worth the $21.99 it cost. You get 3 solid Joe figures and a ton of accessories, plus you get to have The Rock hanging out on your Joe shelf towering over all the other soldiers. I feel like the Retaliation is going to be a pretty mixed bag as far as the quality of the figures goes, so we will just have to wait and see what else comes down the pipe.

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7 thoughts on “GI Joe Retaliation Ninja Dojo Set Review

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    May 21, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Love that last pic of him dropping the peoples elbow!!

    • avatar
      May 21, 2012 at 5:35 pm

      Thanks Art! I had to get that one in there ha ha

  • avatar
    May 22, 2012 at 4:10 am

    I wonder if cobra smells what the rock is cooking?

  • avatar
    May 22, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    I sure hope so….

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    May 26, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Ah yes, thanks for reviewing this set. I too was seeking a Dwayne figure that didn’t have that horrid battle kata hand, grabbed this set today, and am happy that you confirmed that this one has a quality Rock. Sadly, however, I think a review of the Amazon pack from Kastor’s Korner said that that Dwayne has locked ankles too, so it isn’t looking good.

    I heard of this site from our boys at IAT, keep up the good work!

    • avatar
      May 27, 2012 at 2:34 am

      Cool Man!! Yeah Noisy and Vault are great guys and they run an exellent site!!
      After buying some single card Retaliation joes (reviews coming soon!) it seems like any of the figures that use new molds have no ankle articulation which is a real bummer, but other than thet they are pretty cool

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