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Today’s review is the awesome Armorvor from Glyos. This figure was a surprise in the latest Glyos drop, the fact that he was a secret kept me from picking one up as I wasn’t prepared to buy anything this month from Onell. My good friend Drew is a huge collector of Glyos, so he offered to let me use his for review purposes. Lets take a look at the Armorvor.

The Armorvor started out as a concept from Matt Doughty, that was sculpted by Jason Frailey, and molded/cast/prototyped in resin by TheGodBeast Marty Hansen, along with some sweet art by Nate Newell. The resin figures were cool as heck, and amazingly detailed. The only drawback was the considerable price of the figure, which while well worth it kept a few people from being able to enjoy this awesome toy. Now that they have gone into production at a incredibly reasonable price everyone can pick one up.

The differences between the original resin Armorvor and this new production version are negligible. Some of the details look a little sharper on the production version , but it is just  the paint aps in truth versus the super shiny darker resin of the prototype. The only real difference is the hands, on the resin version the hands are  closed on the top and left open on the bottom, and on the production version they are fully closed on both sides making a full female Glyos hole on top and bottom. There was also three different head sculpts on the resin figures, each featuring different amounts of hair detail on the head with obviously the production version only having the one sculpt.

The major difference is the inclusion of an armored head, and man is this head super cool! Its actually two heads in one, one side is a great looking armored/robot head that looks really good, and the other side is the bull faced Stannic from the Glyos mythos who appeared in the old Gears Edge comic book. Also included is the backpack that can also be used as a head, giving the figure four different options for the head region.

Being part of the Glyos system means that unlike a normal figure there really isn’t standard articulation to speak of. The figure is made up of 18 individual parts that all can swivel and spin giving you a great range of movement and pose options.




The Armorvor has a little more paint than we are used to in a Glyos figure, but being part of Glyos the quality is outstanding with it all looking great. A neat little feature of this release of the Armorvor is that there is two different versions of the wolf head, one with blue eyes (seen here), and one with red eyes. Whichever variant you get is up to the whims of fate.

Overall the Armorvor is an incredible toy, and a great addition to the Glyoverse. The low cost of admission and swappable nature of Glyos means buying a bunch of these guys to build and play with is within reach. Having the resin version I already knew how awesome this figure was, but the inclusion of the extra heads and the reduced price make the prospect of buying 40 or 50 of these pretty attractive. For more information on the Armorvor check out Matt’s newest blog post about it.



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