Glyos Crayboth Review

Crayboth. The name can inspire both fear and laughter in those who are familiar with them. By themselves, Crays, as they are affectionately known, can be cute, silly, clumsy, comical. In groups, they can be threatening, terrifying, deadly. Why am I reviewing the Crayboth? Because someone should.

Onell Design Glyos Crayboth

With the trend of new Crayboth coming in each Glyos drop, I thought I’d re-visit a review from the past, it might encourage some of you to get some in the next drop. And besides, the Crayboth don’t get enough attention. I know there are fans out there of these little guys, but it seems most people think of them as a secondary part of the Glyos System, overlooked and underestimated; the ‘Oliver’ to the rest of the ‘Pheyden Bunch’. But Crayboth are great little Glyos figures. Pretty often when I order something from Onell Design, I add on a pack of them. You can never have too many Crayboth.

Callgrim does not share that sentiment.

Crayboth have been sold in packs of two, with one solid and one clear colorway in each pack, though the more recent colorways are sold singly. With how long they’ve been in stock on the website (, you’d think they don’t sell well, or are unpopular, but that’s not the case. There are just so darned many of them!

This...will not end well.

In the Glyos story, they come from the planet Alcray, usually travel in groups of three (or much, much larger groups), and can be very dangerous to the unprepared Traveler. Most worlds fear the possibility of a Cray infestation, and will wipe out any they find outside the Cray homeworld before they are overrun.

A small swarm of Crayboth.

The Crayboth sculpt is pretty detailed for such a small figure, from the alien face right down to the bottoms of their cute little Cray-feet. Most Crayboth colorways have the same paint apps, with their eyes and detail lines painted, but clear and glow Crays don’t have paint apps, being cast in one color. They have swivel joints at the shoulders and hips, with arms and legs interchangeable with all other Glyos System PVC figures. And though I’ve never done it, I know that, with some effort, the ‘head’ can be removed, and possibly used for Glyos customizing.

When last we left our heroes...

Crayboth are a must for every Glyos collection. And if I had a fish tank, you can bet there would be a Crayboth in there. Be warned, though, they tend to multiply like…well, like Crayboth.

You sure you want some? I highly doubt they're kosher.



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