Glyos Hades Pheyden MK II Review

The latest Glyos drop brought some great stuff to our greedy little hands in a sweet black/aqua green “Hades Force” color way. This release saw a lot of the favorites of the Glyos universe released including Gobons, Glyans, Crayboth, the Armorvor, and the poster boy of the Glyoverse, Pheyden. Also in this drop was the debut of the production scarf for figures which came included with today’s review figure. Let’s take a look at Hades Pheyden and his wonderful scarf.



The thing about Glyos from a review standpoint is outside of the occasional new mold the figures don’t change much, but with the introduction of the amazing scarf accessory I figured it would be good to give old Pheyden here a chance at the spotlight. Plus any excuse to take a bunch of pictures of Glyos is good in my book. I will be including pictures of some other guys from the drop, and even a few builds I have been working on in this review as well.


So Hades Pheyden is made up of the same parts as a regular Pheyden figure, 14 in total including the scarf. He uses the alternate scar Pheyden head we have seen many times before that looks so cool. Its worth noting that this isn’t the first time there has been a release of Hades Pheyden (hence the MK II) the real difference between the two is the scarf being made of PVC instead of resin.


The scarf is awesome! It is made of soft PVC that fits nearly any production Glyos head, and the soft nature of it gives it enough give to used in any number of ways. Matt is clearly a huge fan of scarves as evidenced in the many blog posts featuring characters wearing different versions of the scarf. The switch to PVC from resin has made the scarf available to all unlike the hard to obtain resin versions seen on the original Hades Pheyden, and it was even available in glow in the dark just like in Custom Corps 3. There really isn’t too much to the scarf it’s just a loop of PVC that you can slip on to the heads or anywhere on a figure that you choose. It may seem like a small thing, but the scarf is a pretty big deal in the Glyos world that really opens up your options for cool builds.



Being part of Glyos the QC on Pheyden is top notch. The figures body is all molded black, and his head is molded Glow in the dark (with a terrific glow I couldn’t get a good pic of) with the only paint on the entire figure being the aqua of his scar and eyes which looks super clean and great. Something I always like about the scar head is his eye on the scar side is blacked out, it’s a small detail but a cool one none the less.


Articulation is the same as every other standard traveler ever released. The building aspect of Glyos mean that all the parts are on swivels so his arms/legs move up and down, his head turns, and every other part of him can be rotated. There is also the sold separately axis joints that will make figures more articulated, and are really fun to play with.


Overall Hades Pheyden Mk II is another great entry in the Glyos system. I have nothing bad to say about Glyos in general, the price point is great, Matt is one the worlds classiest dudes ever, and the toys are just pure fun. If you are not a Glyos fan you really should check out the blog and maybe order some toys, you won’t be disappointed. I would also like to thank Doctor Kent for helping me find some of the details about older drops, his encyclopedic knowledge of Glyos will always impress me.



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