IGear Mini Warriors Rager Review

After all the work I have been doing for the site these past few weeks, I kind of slacked off a little bit this weekend and here it is Sunday night and me with no Monday review ready to go. Instead of leaving you guys in the lurch, I decided to re post my old review of the IGear mini warrior Rager figure. So without further delay, lets take a look at Rager.

Rager is based off of the Transformers character Huffer, his vehicle form is nearly identical to the vintage Huffer minus a color change from orange to yellow and a few small details. The Bot form however is much improved from the vintage figure, as is usually the case with IGear Rager is a well constructed figure.

Huffer is not a character I am familiar with but the nice looking Bot design and $18 price point (with free shipping from IGear) sold me on this guy. I am a big fan of the work IGear does in the unofficial Transformers world, the Bot designs are always superb and the articulation is top notch despite the usually higher price point from Hasbro’s Tformers offerings.

Transforming Rager is a simple affair of folding his legs out, unfolding his arms and pulling them out so you can flip the arm/wheel area and flipping his hands out. After the confusion of Transforming the Evil Leader toy its nice to have a nice simple job here. All it really takes to get him transformed is a look at the pictures of the figure. One strange detail of this toy is that the truck cab part if him pops right off, it stays on very well but its still kind of a strange thing. Removing his truck part does help a little bit with moving his head around however so that is most likely the reason for this. Rager also comes with 2 pistols, there isn’t anyplace to store them on the figure but they are a nice addition.

Paint on my Rager is top notch with almost all of his body molded in the color it is supposed to be. The only paint aps on the figure are his head and some small details on the front of the truck, everything is clean with not a hint of slop anyplace.

For such a small toy Rager has great articulation, he’s got ball jointed shoulder, elbows and hips, hinges at the knees and his hands flip out. You can get Rager into some great poses and his is great fun to play with.

Overall for the $18 he costs (Since the original posting of this Rager has been pulled from the IGear shop) Rager is a super fun toy to play with and a great update of a vintage character. I highly recommend IGear for all your Transformers needs.


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