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Today I “sat down” (read talked to on Facebook) with Scott Cherry of Barbarian Rage  creator of some awesome and unique Indy toys, and a terriffic daily comic. Let’s see what Scott has to say.

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Dr. Rampageo: So to start why don’t you tell those who may not know who you are and what you do.
Scott Cherry: I am a rogue toy maker. I am a painter and sculptor.

I do a daily comic called Barbarian Rage at

Instagram: @barbarian_rage

My toy group on FB


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DR: So Scott what got you started in the Indy Toy scene? What’s your background like?

SC: I have been an artist my entire life.
When I was a kid I had an Earl Norman He-Man poster up in my room. I remember trying to draw Jitsu and not being able to. That when I realized that it was an adult making all of these toys and rad artwork. I have been doing art ever since then. My house is full of my He-Man paintings now but it wasn’t good enough. I had to learn to make my own toys.
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DR:That’s a fun experience for sure. One of the things you’ve done that is really cool in my opinion is the Barbarian figure. The fact that he’s fully sculpted makes him super unique. How did that figure come together?

SC: I am obsessed with Barbarians. I knew that my first fully original toy had to be a 5.5 barbarian. It was never even a question. I wanted it to be able to be compatible (mostly) with He-Man accessories. It was a clear vision in my head. I hardly even sketched it out before I sculpted it.

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DR:Well man you nailed it! That thing looks incredible! Now did the comics come out of that or was that an idea you’d had all along? His face is damn near perfect for some of those comics.

SC: Thanks, dude. I had an idea for a comic a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
It was about these amazing barbarians whose best days were behind them. I did a few pages of a comic but it took forever. I’ve always wanted to do comics but I am such a slow drawer. It would be impossible to draw something every day. I don’t see how any artists do it. I didn’t even give it that much thought. It just seemed like the natural thing to do was to start making comics with these barbarian toys. It made them come to life.

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DR:It really did man! You’ve really nailed a good style of humor with those. Do you actually make one every day or do you have a stockpile you pull from?

SC:A little of both.

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DR: Ha ha right on man. You also do some cool Star Wars bootlegs too like the X-Ray R2 you did recently. Did you sculpt that little R2 skeleton yourself?

SC: Yes. I was rifling through a box of Vintage Star Wars figures at a weird Heavy Metal – Magic the Gathering Tournament. There was a beat up R2-D2 in there.
When I picked it up I immediately knew I was going to put a skeleton in it. I took it home and went to work on sculpting it.

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DR: That’s a great idea for a SW boot for sure! So besides Star Wars and Barbarians what or who inspires you in your art?

SC: I am a retro fiend. Anything 80s-early 90s. Even the stuff that I hated back then… it’s strange… I love it now. It’s hard to say what inspires me. I love such a wide array of stuff.
Inspiration strikes like lightning with me. It’s unpredictable but overwhelming when it happens.

That and weed.

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DR:Weed helps for sure! Yeah though I hear you man… So what’s next for Barbarian Rage? Any chance of a whole line of characters?

SC: Yes. I wanted to base my whole line on the MOTU model…
Make the bodies and change the heads. I made a villain, “Necromantor”. But something went wrong and the head didn’t fit. I was devastated. I am working on a new one.
The plan is to push it as far as it will go. Crazy characters. Magical landscapes. Vehicles… Playsets. It’ll never end. And I am just getting started.

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DR: That is great news man! Are you planning on staying in resin or branching out to any other mediums?

SC: I am always learning new things. I’ll most likely branch out into something different.
If I have a vision that involves learning something new, then I go learn how to do it.
I have only really just started working with resin. I feel like I am only, just now, getting the hang of it.

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DR: Yeah resin takes a while to really get a grip. It’s one of those simple to learn tough to master type of things. So before we go is there anyone that’s helped you along the way you want to give a shout out to?

SC: I would like to thank our dark lord Satan. He is the guy I sold my soul to in order to have a career in toy making. That and my weed dealer but he knows who he is.

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DR: Well you can’t argue with two heavy weights like that! Thank you Scott! I look forward to the continuing adventures of Barbarian Rage!

SC: Thank you so much Jesse. Keep up the good work brother.
You too man!

So that wraps that up! Scott is doing some great stuff over at Barbarian Rage so keep an eye on him, and don’t forget to check out his Patreon , Instagram Page , Facebook Group, or Website Proper  to keep updated on all the cool stuff he’s doing. Thanks for reading and we’ll catch ya next time on DoomKick!

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