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If you read my Jazzwares Tom and Jerry review you know that this line of HB figures from Jazzwares isn’t the best thing in the world. Why then did I buy the Space Ghost figure? I can answer that in two words, Space Ghost! One of my favorite old Hanna Barbera cartoons when I was a child, then again when Coast to Coast premiered in the early 90’s.  Let’s take a look at Space Ghost.

In his original cartoon Space Ghost traveled through space with his companions, two teenagers named Jan, Jace, and their pet monkey Blip. They seemed to fly around in their spaceship and get into trouble with various villains. Something about the old HB stuff like Herculoids, Bird Man, Jonny Quest, and Space Ghost just sparkled with personality in their settings and characters that most modern cartoons have always seemed lacking, which is what drew me into one of my favorite modern cartoons, the Venture Brothers . I was shocked and excited in 1994 when cartoon network debutedSpaceGhostCoastto Coast, which was filled with some seriously incredible stuff. Coast to Coast also spawned \Aqua Teen Hunger Force which is another of my favorite Shows. My childhood love of these cartoons has left me almost unable to say no merchandise featuring their characters, I loved the oldSpaceGhostCoastto Coast from Toycom, and the old Toynami Herculoids figures with that amazing backdrop have been long time wants of mine. Hearing that the Jazzwares line had a Space Ghost in it made me want to get him, even after seeing the lower quality of Tom and Jerry. After searching and searching for a Ghost, and coincidently finding that there is a 6 inch Tom figure that makes the 3 inch Jerry a perfect scale, I found someone via the DoomKick Twitter that was willing to sell me one at very decent price. Speaking of, a huge thank you to @mattguzy of awesometoyblog.com for helping me get my Space Ghost figure. Ok I have talked a lot about old cartoons and how awesome the friends of DK are so how about we actually get to the figure? So obviously there are a few flaws with this figure, and I will get to those in their respective sections, but there are also some things that this figure does right. First and in my mind most important, this figure is just about to scale with DC Universe Classics figures, and is a great pairing for the Golden Age Batman. Space Ghost even manages to look pretty similar aesthetically to a DCUC figure, with his historical ties to DC Comics characters this is a huge boon to the awesome factor of this figure. Also in the plus column is that this is a great likeness of Ghosty, from his short billowy cape to the buttons on his wrists this looks just like the SG you know and love.


Paint on my Space Ghost is decent; the only area with slop is his waist just above his belt. The paint on this figure and the whole line in fact, seems to be put on way too heavily. Most of the figure is molded white so it isn’t a huge problem, but you can see where ever there is paint it is applied heavily. The other QC issue is his legs; they are supper loose to the point where he can’t even really stand up straight for very long. Everything from his hips, to his ankles is loose, which is a bit of a letdown.  The final QC issue is that each of his wrists has some kind of scarring on the plastic. Man if only a company like Hasbro or even Mattel had made these guys how awesome it could have been.


Space Ghost comes with only one accessory, a PVC Blip. It is nice of them to include Blip, even if now I want articulated Jace and Jan figures to complete the set, and Moltar, Zorak, Brak, and dozens more..I guess I’m just never happy am I? Despite wishing that this Blip was articulated, the only real problem is the CE they put right on his…ummmm crotch area, it’s a little hard to see unless you look right at it, but they could have put on his foot or something. The paint on Blip is all solid however, and I will enjoy having him on Shelf hanging with Ghosty and GA Bats.


Articulation on Space Ghost is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand he is decently articulated with, swivel/hinge shoulders, T hips like a DCUC figure, hinged wrists, elbows, ankles, and knees, ab crunch, and swivels at the waist, thighs, and neck. This amount of articulation works for a good deal of poses, but the figure could have really used swivels at the wrists and biceps. I kept trying to swivel his arms while posing him, only to realize he could not do that. If you not terribly worried about articulation then this is definitely a serviceable figure.

Overall while I am glad to have a Space Ghost figure I cant help wishing that we had gotten the slightly better figure of Space Ghost that we needed… If you are a huge Space Ghost fan like me, you more than likely own the Toynami figure and would love to add another one to you shelf, and we are not exactly swimming in options for Space Ghost figures. I have 1 more Jazzwares Hanna Barbera figure reviews in the 3 inch Captain Caveman coming, and then I think I’m done with this line….until they make a Wally Gator that is.


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    October 31, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Just ordered this from the TRU website today because I finally got tired of searching the aisles every weekend with zero reward. This is gonna look great with the HB Toynami stuff! Minus the Herculoids set of course, because I’m not made of money… One day, one day.

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      October 31, 2012 at 6:54 pm

      one day is right! I hope to be there myself!


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