Jurassic Park GI Joe Mercenary Soldier Review

Today’s review is something a little different in that you can’t buy this figure in stores as it is a figure from a line that was cancelled. This figure was supposed to be in a 2011 Jurassic Park line from Hasbro that never got off the ground, however there is a mess of this guy for around $10 on eBay if you are interested. Along with this guy there is a few repainted GI Joe vehicles available that cost hundreds of dollars. Lets take a look at the Jurassic Park Mercenary Soldier.

This guy comes with no file card or package whatsoever, but its clear to me that Cobra Owns Ingen and is sending troops to either Site A or Site B of Jurassic park to capture and retrieve dinos for nefarious purposes related to taking over the world. This may not be the story you give to this guy , heck with his resemblance to Dutch from Predator you could pretend its him and after destroying the predator in the jungles of South America he went and got a job working for InGen as a dino wrangler.

This figure shares every single part except the head of the ROC Night Adder figure as well as the Resolute Roadblock figure and his accessories. I assume this line was cancelled due to there being no JP movie to tie into, but how awesome would this line have been if it got off the ground? Judging from this guy and the pictures of the vehicles I have seen pairing repainted Joe figures and vehicles with some awesome dinos would have been a blockbuster of a line that I for one would have bought in large numbers. Maybe if we ever get JP4 in theaters Hasbro will revisit the idea of using Joe stuff to make a killer line of JP toys, and one can only hope for a dino camo BAT someday.

Paint on my figure is great with everything looking clean except for his gloves which are skin tone painted blue/black with the skin tone showing through where the gloves meet the wrist, not terrible but still a QC issue, even for a unreleased figure. He also has several tampos, his arm and face tattoo, and my personal favorites the JP and InGen logos on his vest, all the tampos look nice and clean and really add to the figure.
The accessories are the same as the ones that come with the Resolute Roadblock but in black. He comes with a giant gun with a silver and black ammo belt, a large pickaxe/shovel looking thing, and a bomb. The extra handles on the weapons double as pegs to plug them into his back giving him a little room to store this stuff which is really nice.

Articulation (Being a Joe Repaint) is great, he’s got the swivel/hinge ankles, elbows, and shoulders, ball jointed hips, swivels at the wrists, the ab joint, a ball jointed head with great movement, and double jointed knees. Like most modern Joes this guy is capable of some awesome poses.

I got my figure for $8.99 with free shipping from China on EBay, so either the factory threw all these guys out, or the Chinese are getting them for pennies.


Overall for the less than 10 bucks I paid for him, and seeing as he is an unreleased figure, I am super happy to have this guy hanging out on my Cobra shelf. If you are interested in him you should head to eBay and find one on the cheap before he is gone, you wont be disappointed, unless you hate cool unique Joe’s. Maybe with the lack of Joe product at retail for the foreseeable future Hasbro will revisit the idea of a GI Joe/ JP line or maybe they will just do a modern Tiger Force full of repaints, either way us Joe fans would win!


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