Links of Doom 4/11/15

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It’s been too long since we’ve brought you a standard weekend Links of Doom. Well it’s the weekend and this is Links of Doom so we’re here to point you in the direction of some cool stuff that you may have missed out on. Jump through and catch up on some cool stuff!

  • You’ll remember Barbecue17 from ThEpicReview but now he has his own website, Action Figure Barbecue. There’s a steady stream of action figure reviews and one of my favorites is the Star Wars Rebels AT-DP Driver
  • This piece may be a few months old but when recommends a book you know it’s worth checking out. I bought the booked based on the fact that it tells the story of Dino Riders going from an idea all the way to store shelves but the book is also loaded with toy history and is a great read. You Need To Read Toyland
  • I love the old Hasbro WWF figures. They may be my favorite wrestling figures. They have weird proportions and are totally cartoony. That’s absolutely the way I like wrestling. Dino Drac just showed off his 5 Favorite Hasbro WWF Figures, check it out!
  • I love crazy old TMNT variants and Toyriffic just showed off one that I don’t remember but I think it looks great. Dimwit Doughboy Rocksteady is a classic variant which means it is completely out there and not necessary at all but that’s what makes all these crazy TMNT toys so great.

Doom Kicks

We’ve had plenty of our own stuff recently for you to sit back and check out. You don’t even have to leave!


The Dino Riders Pachycephalosaurus is the latest in the line to be added to Doom Kick. It’s a good place to start and when you’re finished checking it out continue falling down the rabbit hole that is the Doom Kick Dino Riders collection.


While you’re checking out Dino Riders take a quick look through our gallery of Italian Dino Riders ads. They’re really cool with some great use of the toys in some of the pictures.

Yoda 8Doom Kick has plenty of 6″ Star Wars Black Series figures for you to check out but our most recent review was for Yoda. See what Doc has to say about this figure that has been getting pretty mixed reviews elsewhere.

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Bi-Run is back with the latest MOTUC figure to be added to Doom Kick, SpinnerellaCheck it out and see what you think about the last figure from the Princess of Power subscription.

Once again I want to thank Caybara INK for the Links of Doom logo. If you want to contact Capybara INK for your own commission then I highly recommend his work.

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