Marvel Universe Beta Ray Bill Review

With the current lack of GI Joe figures in stores, and the terrible distribution of Star Wars figures I have been turning to MU for my small figure fix. Unfortunately trying to find the MU figures I want in a store proves to be pretty hard, with myself, Poe Ghostal, and Jesse Moore of Rawshark all within a few miles of each other I shouldn’t be surprised that finding toys is tough business here, and who knows how many other toy collectors are around hunting. Thankfully BigBadToyStore offers the full assortment of MU figures whenever they come out, the other day I got a package containing the new Hulk and Bill here. Let’s take a look at Bata Ray Bill.


According to the card back: From the smoldering wreckage of his home world, Beta-Ray Bill was cast off – a survivor chosen to find a new planet for his fellow Korbinites. He soon encountered Thor and after a brief but honorable skirmish, emerged victorious. So impressed was Odin that he rewarded the Korbinite with the battle hammer known as Stormbreaker. With this mighty weapon of virtue Beta-Ray Bill became a true threat to the galaxy’s darkest evils!

To be totally honest with you, I don’t really know a lot about Beta Ray Bill. That fact hasn’t kept me from thinking he is a damn cool looking character for years. I have never been a fan of Thor or his rouges gallery (the Wrecking Crew excluded) so I have not really read many stories featuring Bill, but ever since I first saw him the idea of some monstrous horse wearing Thor’s armor and rocking a hammer has appealed to me. This is a great Marvel Universe figure to be sure, his cape limits his movement a little bit, but it pops right off and can be re attached to the hole sin his back easily which really opens up the posing/play options of the figure. Another really nice touch is the hinge on his jaw, he almost looks like he is smiling when it’s closed and screaming when it is fully open. For a character that is basically wearing the same gear as Thor there doesn’t appear to be much parts re use on Bill, the cape seems to be from a Thor figure and the chest may be as well, I’m not a huge MU collector so I really couldn’t tell you what is re used and what isn’t. Suffice to say this Beta Ray Bill figure looks great and really captures the classic look of the character.

Paint on my bill is decent, his mouth/teeth area is pretty sloppy, but it’s only noticeable if you look really close or take some close up pictures. There is also a small scratch on one of the discs on his chest, but again not super noticeable. Other than those the paint is solid, with some nice metallic on his legs and shoulder pads. The only other QC issue on my figure is that his left leg was pretty stuck, I have been fiddling with it and it has loosened up a little but it’s still not ideal.


Bill comes with one accessory (two if you count the terrible “comic shot” which I don’t) his hammer Stormbreaker. The hammer looks good and is a nice metallic gold color. The only thing I could have asked for out of the hammer is the ability to hang off of his belt or wrist, but other than that it is a serviceable accessory that looks good and fits well into his hand.


Articulation on Bill is great! He’s got swivel/hinge shoulders and ankles, ball jointed hips, double jointed knees, a ball jointed head with limited movement, the ab joint, hinges at the elbows and jaw, swivels at the biceps, waist, thighs, and wrists. Like I said before the cape limits his movement a little, but when you take it off he is a very pose able figure.


Overall I am very happy with the Beta Ray Bill figure, he looks just like he should and is a great figure on top of that. Hasbro has been a great roll with all these new MU figures as of late, let’s hope it keeps up.


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