I still have 2 more very exciting reviews coming down the pike, but I’m still waiting on them to arrive here, so in the meantime I delved back into the (ever growing) pile of things I have to review. Today I am looking at the MU new Hulk figure. Despite being a little smaller than some of the previous Hulk figures I actually really like this version of the green goliath. Let’s take a look at the Hulk.

According to the card back: Hulk smashes, Hulk crashes, Hulk is an unstoppable mass of muscle and green-skinned fury. He bears little resemblance to his alter ego (the mild mannered Bruce Banner) save for the selfless scientist’s tattered pants. While Hulk fights for good, his unpredictability and sheer strength make him a big-time annoyance to the world’s biggest governing bodies.

This Hulk is smaller and thinner cut than the early MU Hulk releases, but the added pose abilty of the figure more than makes up for the size difference. He also looks to be a little better scaled to the other MU figures. The sculpt is awesome with tons of cracks in his green skin and a nice dark wash to bring them out. The face sculpt is one of the highlights of the figure as well, it really captures the “Hulk angry! Hulk SMASH!!” vibe that any good Hulk figure should give off. A lot of people are gaga for Hulk, and while I only really have a casual interest in the big guy I understand why he is so popular. The Hulk represents what most of us wish we could do when we are angry, which is smash the bejeezus out of everything in our path. The angrier Hulk gets the more powerful he gets, and as Avengers proved to us he is always angry. Like I said the articulation on this figure far outshines the older Hulk releases, and it’s nice to have a Hulk than can be posed in a wide variety of ways instead of being limited to 2 or 3 different poses.

Paint on my Hulk is pretty good, the dark wash really makes the texture of his skin pop and the pants are a great purple color as they should be. Even his teeth are all painted great. The only small paint issue on my figure is one of his eyes is a little sloppy, its not very noticeable unless you look directly at his eyes, but on the whole solid paintwork on this figure. There is no other QC issues on my figure to speak of, all his joints work right and are stuck.

Hulk SMASH puny Glyans!

Hulk comes with zero accessories, which is to be expected of a Hulk figure really, but for the price they charge for MU figures these days they could have thrown in a bent girder or stop sign or something. Not that Hulk can hold anything with his closed fists anyway. He also comes with one of the comic shots I hate so much, I wish Hasbro wouldn’t try and make it seem like a tiny piece of cardboard is a selling point of a figure.

Hulk Love Hulk cousin Jennifer

Hulk have big fist

Articulation on Hulk is great! He’s got swivel/hinge shoulders and ankles, the ab joint, hinges at the elbows, double jointed knees, a double ball jointed head with a second neck piece on a swivel, and swivels at the waist, wrists, biceps, and thighs. This Hulk is capable of plenty of classic Hulk poses.

Overall I am super happy with this Hulk, the articulation and great sculpt/scale make this the Hulk to own moving forward. If you are a fan of Dr. Banner’s angry side then you should definitely pick up this Marvel Universe Hulk figure.