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Ok So I said in my She Hulk review that I don’t buy a lot of MU figures, well with the recent lack of Joes in stores I have actually been buying up more of these guys than I normally would. When I pre ordered She Hulk off of BigBadToyStore I noticed that the wave she was in also included a Punisher that (unlike the other MU Punisher figures) did not have a terrible constipated look on his face, being a big time Punisher fan I had to have a MU of him that didn’t look totally stupid. Let’s take a look at the Punisher.

According to the card back: Some say justice is blind. In this case, justice comes armed to the teeth. Less concerned with stopping crime as he is with wiping out criminals, Punisher shows no mercy to those who have crossed the line. His gritty crusade to eliminate wrongdoers has made him one of the most feared figures on either side of the battle between good and evil.

I love the Punisher! He isn’t afraid of killing some bad guys, which is pretty rare in the world of mainstream comics. On top of his (very) hard on crime attitude he has a sweet outfit, and a tough as nails attitude. You won’t stop the Punisher, and if you manage to delay him it will only be worse for you when he gets there. The Punisher was born when mobsters killed Frank Castle’s family and he vowed revenge on all criminals. He is well versed in almost every type of firearm and hand to hand weapon; nearly anything can be deadly in his hands. He is said to have killed well over 2000 criminals in his nearly forty year crusade against crime. If you happen to be a criminal in the Marvel U, the only advice I can give you is stay out of the zoo if Frank is chasing you down. This MU version of Frank is great with a couple of minor problems. If you have followed MU since the beginning you will know that the previous Punisher figures all had terrible head sculpts, this figure has a great head that looks just like Frank should. He is wearing his (mostly) Classic outfit, with the only difference being the more stylized skull on his chest. There only real problems I have with this figure is that his pistol holsters kind of limit his leg movement more than I would like, and as you can see in some of the pictures his thighs have a tendency to pop out of his hips a little bit. Other than those issues this Punisher is about as good as you could ask for from Marvel Universe figures.

Paint on my Punisher is pretty good; his face looks nice and clean with is eyes both looking straight without a hint of google to them. One thing that bugs me is all the white parts of his costume have a blue wash over them that is a little too heavy in some parts, its not terrible but if you come across a bunch of these guys in the store I would check for one that has less of the blue on him. On the QC front other than the thighs popping out of the hips the only real issue is his knife, it was bent to begin with and the sheath is bent on his leg which leads to the knife never looking straight. I’m sure a little time in the hot box would fix this, but it’s still an annoyance.

Punisher comes with a few accessories, a SMG, two pistols, and a knife. I like that most of these weapons can be stored on the figure, and dif there is anyone who deserves to come with an arsenal its Frank here. Even with the weapons he comes with I will be giving him some extra Joe weapons as needed. He also comes with one of the terrible “collectible comic shots” which is a piece of cardboard that has a comic cover on it.

Articulation on the Punisher is good, he’s got ball jointed hips hampered by his holster, a double ball jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, ab joint, double jointed knees, hinges elbows, the peg in foot ankles, swivels at the wrists, waist, biceps, boot tops, and thighs. I love that MU figures are now using the peg in foot ankles as it really opens up the pose options and helps them stand better.

Overall this a solid Punisher figure with a great look, and a comic accurate costume that will look great on your shelf. Fans of killer vigilantes or cool figures could do a lot worse than this version of Frank.

Punisher kills the Marvel Universe.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Punisher Review

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    September 11, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I did not know about this figure. I must get that head sculpt; pop it atop the Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes body and BAM, you’ve got a badass Punisher figure.

    Not sure how to paint the skull on that textured shirt, though…

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    September 11, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    That is a great idea!!! make sure to let me know if you get pics of this!

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