Kicking off The Power Of Grayskull Week with who is in my mind the greatest threat to Grayskull, sure the evil Horde and the Snake Men may be pretty tough, but it will always be Skeletor who is the premiere villain to me. I was a pretty big fan of DB Skelly when I was young, so naturally I was very excited for his modern remake. Despite being a faithful re creation of the vintage toy this figure has a few problems. Let’s take a look at Dragon Blaster Skeletor.

According to the bio: As the ruler of Eternia following Randor’s banishment, Skeletor created a new magical armor infused with an Eternian Dragon, giving him the power to paralyze his enemies at first glance. His rule was cut short, however, when Skeletor’s former master Hordak returned from Despondos with the help of Evil-Lyn. Hordak not only overthrew Skeletor, but drove the Snake Men into hibernation. Forced into a war on multiple fronts, Skeletor continued to lead his Evil Warriors into battle, often having to fight side-by-side with his former enemies – the now renegade Masters of the Universe. Perched on his master’s armor, the Evil Dragon “pet” of Skeletor stops his enemies cold with his paralyzing jet spray of venom.


So I was a pretty big fan of DB Skelly when I was young, it wasn’t because of his water spraying feature, It wasn’t because he was Skeletor in some sweet armor with a dragon on it, it was because of the real chain that could be taken off and used with other toys. Yeah, I had some weird things that made toys cool to me when I was young. Anyway I always loved Skeletor quite a so any of the variants were already pretty nifty in my book. When I got the email announcing the coming of this figure I was pretty excited, that is until I read that it was a bare bones remake of the vintage figure. I like when they make great updates of a vintage figure I loved, but I also like when they throw in some extra stuff to spice it up a little bit. Fisto is a great example of a vintage figure done perfectly, and while Skeletor really couldn’t have come with any extra heads or belts they could have at least thrown in a Powered up Havoc Staff with a different colored translucent bit. What we got is a slightly different Skeletor buck using the “monster forearms” instead of the fins the normal version has, as well as the shins of Kobra Khan, which mean you can make an almost perfect recreation of the original Skeletor figure minus the black loincloth area that is. What’s new on this figure is the armor and dragon itself, as well as the chain holding the dragon. The new armor looks great and as usual is removable. The dragon actually looks pretty good, and even comes off the armor..In my case quite frequently, even when he is just standing there. The main problem with the removable dragon is that he is sculpted to fit around Skelly’s back and the chain doesn’t come off so all he can do is hang there looking silly. While this figure looks great he is really just too much of what you would expect to be very excited about.

Paint on my Skeletor is ok, he IS black plastic painted over which leads to a few spots of the black paint showing through, mainly in his joints. Other that the black spots he is painted cleanly and looks really bright and vibrant. All of his joints move freely and are stiff enough to hold poses, which is nice. If it wasn’t for the terrible black plastic issue this would be a perfect figure. Really Mattel STOP using black plastic and painting over it, no body thinks its looks good and with the price increase and (seemingly) less and less accessories it seems like we are spending more, but getting less which is really not great.

His skin is just

Dragon Blaster Skeletor comes with 1 accessory, yup just the one same old power sword we have seen hundreds of times already. Seriously I can’t stress enough how much a few more fun bits would have really helped this figure be totally awesome.

Articulation is the same as most MOTUC figures. He’s got swivel/hinge shoulders and hips, swivels at the waist, boots wrists, biceps, and thighs, the ab crunch, a ball jointed head with great movement, and hinges at the elbows, ankles and knees. The dragon also has a ball jointed head with not a lot of movement, but it can be popped off and put on a regular figure if anyone wants to make a friend for Draego man.

Hold the sword aloft, they said. Fabulous secret powers, they said.

Overall Dragon Blaster Skeletor is a decent and well made figure; he is just kind of boring. Anyone who was a big fan of the original will love him, but those tired of Skeletor won’t find much to like here. Be sure to join us everyday this week for more MOTUC reviews.