Masters Of The Universe Classics End Of War Weapons Pack Review

End of War Weapons Pack 1Still trying to get caught up on the MOTUC reviews, and today I am looking at the final (booooo!) accessory pack in the line. This pack also comes with Kowl from the POP, but it is a bit sad that Mattel finally got off their asses and included a small character in the final weapons pack. It would have been nice to get a few more little guys in future packs, but you can’t fight city hall as they say so let’s take a look at the End of War pack.

End of War Weapons Pack 22


End of War Weapons Pack 7
This pack comes with some good stuff, and there is done much requested cut accessories in the mix too. I’m gonna break this down into each separate weapon or set of weapons.

End of War Weapons Pack 12
Strobo’s Mirror Blaster:
This is an accessory that was cut from this years traveling convention (and early access point of contention sell out) figure. I really like Strobo, and finally getting a true weapon for the guy is great. The blaster is produced in red plastic with painted black handles and silver on the front. The paint is all well applied and looking great.

End of War Weapons Pack 13
End of War Weapons Pack 11Rattlor’s 200X Armor:
Another cut accessory this time from the 2000 era MOTU cartoon. Now a lot of the designs from that show were not great, but when pictures first showed up online (due to whoever at Mattel can’t figure out something as complicated as posting the correct picture) of the figure wearing the armor he looked great. As more of a vintage guy mist if the time I wasn’t too broken up about it being cut, but damn if be doesn’t look snazzy wearing it. Again paint work in the armor is good, but getting it fastened on the actual figure did prove a bit of pain in every sense of the word.

End of War Weapons Pack 14

Netossa’s Sword:
The final cut accessory in the pack is a POP sword in blue with a translucent blue gem in the hilt. Netossa had a serious lack of accessories, but I have grown accustomed too the staff I had given her to put this sword to much use. The sword is also the weakest item in the pack from a QC standpoint as it cast in a VERY soft plastic that is terribly prone to being bent.

End of War Weapons Pack 15


End of War Weapons Pack 5

He-Man’s Sword, Shield, and axe in green:
These are a bit of a mystery with some people claiming they are intended for an upcoming (hopefully not Cherry Jordan style chase variant) Slime Pit He-Man, but one would assume that potential figure would have his own gear. Really they could just be an easy repaint of some cool weapons. As you can see I have given the green axe to Rattlor as the color seems rather Snakemanish to me. The only paint is the gold on the shield, and it looks clean and nice.

End of War Weapons Pack 19


End of War Weapons Pack 3

Trap Jaw attachments in Silver for Roboto or maybe Cy-Chop:
This is something fans have been asking about for ages, and honestly being a lover of hand attachments I can safely say that more is never a bad thing. These match up pretty well with Roboto even without paint apps,and since I never pay any mind to him I just now thought they would likely work pretty good for that scoundrel Cy-Chop too. No paint apps leaves no room for QC issues so these are fine on that front.


End of War Weapons Pack 18


End of War Weapons Pack 17


End of War Weapons Pack 16


End of War Weapons Pack 4
Hurricane Hordak’s attachments in black for Trap Jaw:
These I don’t really care for as additions for TJ since they look a bit too organic to fit with him, but the quad blade attachment works ok for him though. Alternately they could be used as different color add ons for HH if you prefer black to the standard red. These accessories also have no paint so they are fine on the QC front.

End of War Weapons Pack 25


End of War Weapons Pack 26


End of War Weapons Pack 6

Sir Laser-Lot’s sword, mace, and shield in gray:
These could either be replacements for SLL or de powered versions of them if you wish. Since the boring blue knight is easily my least favorite figure in the entire line I’ll be using these as some generic weapons for random characters. QC on the painted handles is good with it looking great with no slop or rubbing off so far.

End of War Weapons Pack 20


End of War Weapons Pack 21


End of War Weapons Pack 2
Shield, axe, mace, and staff in gold:
These were meant to be props representing Granamyr’s hoard of treasure, and they work very well for that purpose. They also work equally as well for Nepthu or any number of other figures. As if writing I still don’t have my Grayskull p, but I suspect they will make great companions to the silver weapons that come with that as well. Again there is no paint on these so QC is great, and the gold color is very pleading to my eyes.

End of War Weapons Pack 23


End of War Weapons Pack 10
The star of the pack is the little owl/koala hybrid known as Kowl. From not being very well versed on the world of POP I gave gathered that Kowl is basically an analogue to Orko added to lighten the mood a bit and make the children laugh. We get Kowl here in his classic toy colors not his cartoon accurate colors, but hopefully they will find a way to bring us another variant of the dude. Kowl is articulated at his arms, and head. While that isn’t a huge amount of article works well for the little guy. Paint on my Kowl is great, and he is a great addition to the POP shelf.

End of War Weapons Pack 8


End of War Weapons Pack 9

Overall the End of War weapons pack is pretty awesome, but the awesomeness is tempered by sadness knowing it is the final pack we will be seeing. As of this writing the pack is still available in the Matty store if you want one for your very own.

End of War Weapons Pack 24


7 thoughts on “Masters Of The Universe Classics End Of War Weapons Pack Review

  • avatar
    December 23, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Black stuff works with Horde Prime…
    Also, I’d use that Green sword as the Key to Castle Grayskull… Normal usage may scrape off the paint on other swords…

    • avatar
      December 23, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      good plan!

  • avatar
    December 23, 2013 at 8:31 am

    I kind of thought the green He-Man accessories could be used with Galactic Protector He-Man if someone didn’t like the lightsaber like power sword and energy shield.

    I like them, however, so I’m still not sure who I’ll give them too.

    • avatar
      December 23, 2013 at 1:48 pm

      yeah I just have mine on a rack except the axe

  • avatar
    December 23, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Basicaly, Madamme Razz is an “equivalent” of Orko, not Kowl.

    Couldn’t the green and gold he-man weapons be accessories for an upcoming Snake Armor He-Man ?

    • avatar
      December 23, 2013 at 1:50 pm

      As I said I am not well versed in the POP world so a little comedic relief guy reads Orko to me, but I’ll differ to POP fans expertise on the matter.
      I would assume SA He-Man would come with weapons though too wouldn’t he?

    • avatar
      December 23, 2013 at 7:03 pm

      Technically speaking you both are right…
      From the comedic Mage Role Madam is the PoP Counterpart of Orko.
      Kowl IS the POP counterpart of Orko if you look at things from the following perspective:

      Spritual Guide:
      Adam has Sorceress, Adora has Light Hope
      Adam has Duncan, Adora has Madam Razz
      Adam has Orko, Adora has Kowl.


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