Masters Of The Universe Classics SDCC/TRU Battle Armor Faker Review

Today’s review is Battle Armor Faker, who originally came in a DCU vs. MOTU Toys R Us exclusive two pack with Bizarro at last years comic con and online at I have long since jumped ship on DCUC, so the Bizarro is in the hands of another collector someplace. Lets take a look at Battle Armor Faker.

According to the (re used from regular Faker) bio: Originally built by Man-At-Arms to cover for He-Man when Prince Adam is needed, Faker was abandoned in the royal junkyard after his first mission and salvaged by the evil warrior Tri-Klops. At the request of Skeletor, Faker was reprogrammed to replace He-Man and convince the people of Eternia that He-Man had betrayed King Randor and turned to evil.

Battle Armor Faker is a figure that many MOTU fans have been wanting since the vintage days, and it is kind of surprising considering Mattel loves re using parts that they never made a vintage BA Faker back in the day. Fans prayers were finally answered last year when Mattel announced he would be part of the final TRU DCU vs. MOTUC two packs, despite a few hiccups with actually getting him out to the people the glory that is BA Faker was eventually unleashed into the world.

Battle Armor Faker (like the regular version) includes not a single new part, his buck is a standard Faker body with the computer sticker on his chest, and his Battle Armor is an orange version of Skeletor’s with the 3 damage plates . Despite the lack of any new parts BA Faker manages to be a totally awesome figure that fits right in with the rest of the BA guys in your collection. Mattel was even nice enough to make a Faker orange battle axe and shield in one of the weapons packs, which is what my figure has been rocking since day one.

Paint on my Faker is great! His blue skin has a slight darker blue wash that gives it nice depth and a great look. His Battle Armor has some nice metallic orange highlights on it that look good. No real QC issues on this figure, but he does ( like my regular Faker) have VERY loose ankles. The loose ankles is a problem a lot of the MOTUC figures have so I cant really hold it against Faker, but it does suck when he falls off the high shelf and brings a bunch of other guys with him.

Battle Armor Faker comes with an orange Power Sword, and 3 plates for his chest, slight damage, heavy damage, and no damage, just like BA Skeletor ( and I assume BA He-Man who I don’t have yet) the plates are easy to change and the armor pops right off. I actually prefer this method to the old school rotating cylinder in the chest quite a bit as you don’t lose articulation. As this was a TRU two pack no one really expected BA Faker to come with much anyway, but if Mattel was to release him as carded figure with a ton of cool stuff I know I would buy a second in a heartbeat.

Articulation is the same as most MOTUC figures, swivel/hinge shoulders and hips, the ab crunch, ball jointed head with great movement, swivels at the waist and wrists, the hinged rocker ankles, and hinges at the knees and elbows. The Battle Armor does block the ab crunch a little bit, but its nothing terrible. BA Faker is really fun to play around with.

Overall I really like Battle Armor Faker, sure he is a variant with no new parts, but that’s pretty much the Faker I have known and love since I was a child anyway. He looks great and he satisfies a need for a Battle Armor version of the character many have felt for years. The price for this guy on the secondary is pretty high, but if you are a Faker fan that doesn’t have this figure yet you wont be disappointed in him.


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