Masters Of The Universe Classics Slush Head Review

It has been a great month for MOTUC fans, Stinkor (minus the smell) is awesome , The Mighty Spector may not appeal to everyone but it’s a solid figure at least and we got the third New Adventures of He-Man character in figure form.

According to the Bio: This grotesque, scaly, web-footed creature from Denebria’s stinking Quagmire Swamp had his head permanently encased in a plateelium dome full of the swamp’s foul waters. He carries a trident spear gun and a saber axe, as well as two huge mechanical tentacles for grabbing and crushing his foes. As a petty thug and pickpocket, Kalamarr bounced in and out of Prison Starr throughout his youth. Just when he began getting his life in order, Skeletor arrived on his quest to overthrow the Horde Empire. The promise of riches and power were enough to sway this mutant moron and goon squad member to Skeletor’s evil ways.

I have never really been very hype on The New Adventures of He-Man, sure there was a few cool characters, but man did they really butcher Skeletor. As such I never really grew a fond attachment to anyone from the show. I did have a Slush Head figure and always thought he was pretty cool, so when they announced him in MOTUC I was pretty excited. This figure looks really good! The sculpt and smart parts re use go a long way to making Slushy a great figure to have on your shelf. His armor is jam packed with tons of little details, as is his gun/axe. The dome on his head is meant to be filled with water like the vintage figure had, if you so choose. Its cool if you want to fill your figures head with water, I wont be doing it but its still a neat feature, but the problems it creates kind of suck. Because it needs to hold water his head cannot be turned in any direction and there is a big plug in the back of the dome, which just doesn’t look very good in my opinion. If you take off his armor Slush Head is just a basic buck without a ball for the head to go into. One other small problem I have is that I wish his tentacle arms were a little more poseable, sure they can swivel around in their sockets but if they had been bendable it would have really opened up the possibility of some nice poses. One of his claws does have a hinge in it so you can open and close it which is a nice touch. The dome being attached to his armor makes him a little bit taller than most of the other MOTUC figures, that coupled with his wild tentacles makes him a pretty imposing figure on the shelf. His head sculpt under the dome is a great mix of fear and anger that works great for the character.

Paint on my Slush Head is ok, most of him looks good but there is a fair amount of slop where the silver meets the blue in a few places. There is also a few random gold specs on his chest and a silver dot on his shorts. Mostly a good looking figure however.

Slush Head doesn’t come with much accessories, he’s got his gun/axe that is well molded , but doesn’t quits sit right in his had when he is holding it like an axe. He also has the two tentacle arms that attach to his backpack.

Articulation on Slush Head is mainstay MOTUC minus the head, he’s got swivel/hinge shoulders and hips. Hinges at the knees and elbows, the ab crunch, bicep, thigh, wrist, waist and boot swivels and rocker ankles with a hinge. Despite his head not turning you can get him into some really neat poses.

Overall Slush Head is a great figure, it took me a little bit to warm up to him but as I was taking the pictures I really warmed up to him. If you are a fan of NA He-Man you don’t really have too many options and if you are just a fan of great MOTUC figures you cant really go wrong with Slush Head. That’s if for new MOTUC until the June orders come in, but if you are a MOTUC fan in the next few weeks we will be posting more “Throwback” reviews of the older figures to help break up all the GI Joe reviews that are coming soon.

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