Our last review for The Power Of Grayskull week is the Snake Men two pack, while a big fan of the Snake Men I wasn’t super excited for this two pack for reasons I will get into later. Let’s take a look at the Snake Men two pack.

According to the bio: A hybrid of three cold-blooded alien races, the Snake Men were spliced together and bred by the Unnamed One to serve as loyal foot soldiers in his ever-growing army. Several battalions of Snake Men were assigned to the Viper Lord King Hssss and traveled with him to Eternia to plunder its hidden magic for their formless master. Unprepared for an attack by invading Horde armies, the Snake Army was driven into hibernation and eventually trapped in the Void by the warrior Zodak. Five millennia later, Hssss and his reptile army escaped their imprisonment and once again took up the fight to claim Eternia. Snake Men fight loyally in the armies of King Hssss against the heroic Masters of the Universe.

So the Snake Men are the second army builder two pack to come out of MOTUC, and while they are pretty cool I feel some of the magic of the previous army builder pack (Eternian Palace Guards) is lost. The Palace Guards came with a ton of stuff, many pieces of armor that could be customized, 4 different heads, and a ton of weapons; all of this left you with a ton of different options for building a huge army of these guys. I personally have two sets of guards with all four of them looking and being kitted out differently. The Snake Men two pack on the other hand comes with a meager 4 weapons, 2 pieces of armor, and 4 heads, which doesn’t really leave much room for different looks for an army of snake men. On the plus side what is there looks great; the 4 different heads look different enough that an army of these guys would at least look a little different. The weapons all have a neat snake vibe to them, and the two different armors look cool and different enough from each other. Other than the heads/weapons/armor the rest of the figures are all parts we have seen before (or soon will see) on other figures. Of the two snake Men the yellow one is by far my favorite, which doesn’t lend me much hope for really enjoying General Rattlor when he comes out. Something about that body just doesn’t look right to me; maybe when Rattlor comes out and I have him in hand it will look better. It should also be noted that these figures come with an extra part around the neck to make them more snake like which really helps sell that these guys are bipedal snakes and not just random Eternians with snake heads.

Paint on my Snake Men is good, except the glaring spots where the black plastic is showing through on their hands from the weapons rubbing against them. Black plastic is an issue I feel needs to be resolved quickly if the line is to continue, but sometime it feels more like Mattel would rather just be rid of this line than handle it correctly anymore. Other than the terrible black spots the rest of the figures look really good, nice and clean with no stuck limbs or anything of the such.

The Snake Men come with a few accessories, 2 head with closed mouths, 2 heads with open mouths, a snake themes sword, shield, spear, and mace. The armor is interchangeable between the two figures, but knowing what a pain the MOTUC armor is to get off most times I didn’t even bother switching them up. It should also be noted that the armor the yellowish snake man is wearing could very easily double as the armor for General Rattlor when he comes out.

Articulation on the Snake men is exactly what you would expect from MOTUC figures. They have swivels at the wrists, waist, thighs, and biceps, hinges at the knees, ankles, and elbows, the ab crunch, swivel/hinge shoulders and hips, and ball jointed heads with ok to great movement depending on the different heads. Some of the heads have a neck covering that does hamper the articulation a little bit, but nothing major.

Overall the Snake Men two pack pretty much sums up what MOTUC has been about for the past few months, serviceable figures that look good, but with no real wow factor. The figures themselves are nice additions to the shelf, and it’s good to finally see some more Snake Men slither in to the collection. I just wish Mattel would stop with the cost cutting measures and deliver some really great figures again.