Masters Of The Universe Classics Tri-Klops Review

I’m back (finally!) with a review of one of my favorite Masters of the Universe characters, Tri-Klops. I always liked this guy, he’s one of my favorite MOTU villains, so when Mattel released this figure, I jumped at the chance to get him. Am I happy with him? Did he live up to my expectations, or am I disappointed by a bad figure of a good character? Read on to find out…

I’ve always loved the character of Tri-Klops. When I was a kid and had most of the vintage Masters of the Universe figures, I used to play with him more than the other figures, and he was the main character in many of the adventures my toys had. When he got broken, as toys sometimes did back then, I begged my mom to buy me another one. When that one got lost, I had to go without until ebay came around, when I got another. That one got destroyed in my storage space disaster, along with many, many other things I had collected. So this guy is the fourth Tri-Klops figure I’ve had, and I think he’s the best. There’s no fair comparison to the vintage figures, since toy-building technology has advanced since those days, but I like it more as an action figure than I would the old figures now.

Red Eye

The MOTUC Tri-Klops has much the same basic look as the vintage figure, and that’s something I think a lot of fans want in their MOTUC figures. The Four Horsemen really captured his look in this sculpt, since now, like the vintage figures, he re-uses a lot of He-Man parts. The only unique parts seem to be the eye ring, the sword, his armor, and his Doom Seeker Drone.

Do we go to the same gym?

But like I said, that’s the same as the vintage figures, and really is all he needs to set him apart and get his look right. The details of his three eyes don’t match how the vintage ones looked exactly, but they look really good the way they are. Each of his eyes has a different kind of special vision; Nightvision, Distavision, and Gammavision (which allows him to see around things. Not through them, which is much more useful). Under the visor his eyes are covered with what looks like black plates , which is a cool detail that you don’t really see, and shows the work and thought put into the sculpt.

Stupid Gammavision!
Third eye

The paint on my Tri-Klops is great, with no slop anywhere, and the colors are reminiscent of the vintage figure. I’m not familiar with the later versions of the character, but I believe they had much the same color scheme, with different clothes. I like how the raised orange parts of the bracers, belt, and armor are a bit faded looking, giving more depth and detail to them. And also, all my older figures ended up faded unintentionally, so it reminds me of those figures even more. The only thing that is ‘off’ about the paint/colors is that the skin tone of the face doesn’t quite match the rest of him, which is true of more than a couple MOTUC figures, and though it isn’t that bad on Tri-Klops, it is noticeable.

Articulation for Tri-Klops is standard for the MOTUC line, with ball-jointed hips and shoulders, swivel wrists and at the boot tops, which is good placement, hinged elbows, knees and ankles, and the ab-crunch joint, which is limited a little by the armor. The right ankle is a little loose on mine, but the rest of the joints are sufficiently tight to hold all sorts of cool battle poses.

Poses like this ...except cooler

Tri-Klops comes with his Doom Seeker Drone, which I’m not sure I remember from way back, but I think was part of his appearances in some comics, and similar to how they looked in the 2002 series. It has a stand that holds it, and it fits tightly. It could use a ball-joint where it connects to the stand, but it’s alright without it. Tri-Klops also comes with a little glow-in-the-dark ring with a screaming skull on it in black. Maybe it’s screaming about how Mattel is destroying the MOTUC line, who knows, it’s not talking. Just screaming.

Overall, I’m really happy with the MOTUC Tri-Klops. Mattel really did justice to one of my favorite MOTU characters, and he’s one of the better MOTUC figures in my opinion. Though I’m a little biased to begin with, I think any fan of MOTU/MOTUC will be happy with Tri-Klops. He looks good with the other MOTUCs I have, and would fit in well with other similar scale figures, too. If you’re a Tri-Klops fan, or a fan of the MOTUC line, then you should get yourself one of these, you’ll be happy with him.



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