Masters Of The Universe Griffin Review Alternative Figure Mean Business & Loans New Excitement To Collections

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The second review from MOTUC this month is the large scale Griffin
figure/mount, and we’re really in business now! This toy is a great
example of mixing new parts and existing parts to make a pretty sweet
alternative addition to your Masters shelf. His huge wingspan loans a
bit of difficulty to the task of squeezing him into your display and
makes it a little bit of a challenge, but I’m not one to EVER
complain about a toy being too big. Lets take a look at the Griffin.

According to the Bio: Griffins, great flying beasts originally brought to Eternia by Star Merchants, broke free and lived in a wild colony deep in the Vine Jungle. Here they were once again enslaved, becoming the steed of choice for the savage Beast Men living in their treetop villages. Raqquill Rqazz, a Beast Man serving Skeletor from Snake Mountain, often calls upon several Griffins to carry him and his master into battle. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, several hundred Griffins were commanded to attack Grayskull Tower, hoping to weaken the Master’s defense perimeter. Soaring high above Eternia, Griffins bring terror to those below!

The Griffins first appeared in the MYP 2000 era MOTU cartoon, and were one of the main modes of transportation for the Evil Warriors. This beast is made up of quite a few reused parts from Battle Cat, and the wings of Swiftwind with a healthy mix of new parts that really set it apart from the cats on the shelf. The head is a really great sculpt, with its four eyes and feathers. The real star of the show on the head is the beak, its pretty pretty pretty big, and filled with cracks and scuffing, no doubt caused by constantly having to swoop down and pull the bad guys out of harms way, beaks and armor don’t mix kids. The back legs are the normal big cat rear legs, but they end in a pair of awesome looking bird feet . The saddle is different form previous saddles and the “seat” on it is filled with scratches which makes a lot of sense considering the amount of bad guys who have bare clawed feet all the time. The Swiftwind wings work great, and make quite a good wingspan for the Griffin. The wings only seemed to go into the pegs one way, I thought I had them on backwards at first but after trying unsuccessfully to put them in the other way it appeared to not be happening, I don’t own Swiftwind so I’m not sure if it was the same on that figure, but it is a good idea on Mattel’s part.

Paint on my Griffin is mostly great, his brown fur has some nice lighter brown highlights in some parts, and his wings look great. Even his small eyes are painted well, the only real problem with mine is a blotch of white paint splat on his wing, its not a huge deal, but paint problems are never great. On the whole a clean great looking beast, and who doesn’t like a good beast?

Other than his saddle the Griffin doesn’t come with any accessories, not that I expected any as Battle Cat and Panthor didn’t come with much except saddles and helmets.

The Griffin is articulated really well just like the cats before him, he’s got swivels where each of his legs connects to the body, swivel/hinges on his front legs, and all four feet, his back legs are double jointed , his head and neck area move up and down and his head turns side to side, his mouth is on a hinge to open and close, he also has a joint in the middle of his body, his tail can be moved around, and his wings are swivel/hinges. For such a large beast he is pretty poseable, but a lot of poses are hard to get him to stay in due to the weight of the figure.

Overall the Griffin is a cool beast figure, I wouldn’t consider it essential by any means, unless you really want something for Beast Man to boss around. However if you like me love the large scale beasts this is a very worthy addition to your MOTUC collection.



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