Masters Of The Universe Classics Sir Laser-Lot Review

Today I am looking at the fourth MOTUC 30th anniversary sub line figures Sir Laser-Lot. Created by comics “legend” Geoff Johns SLL is another not so great figure in a sub line filled with mostly not so great figures. Let’s take a look at Sir Laser-Lot.

According to the bio: Across the continent of Preternia, the mightiest of King Grayskull’s Knights was Sir Laser-Lot, a master of weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. He wore an enchanted suit of armor powered by the great Gem of Tamadge which enhanced his strength and let him unleash powerful energy blasts. So legendary were his deeds that the future king He-Man sent one of his loyal Time Agents into the past to bring Sir Laser-Lot forward to his time. Here, Sir Laser-Lot became the King’s new Man-At-Arms, training both the Royal Guards and the King’s young son Dare in ancient battle techniques. Sir Laser-Lot uses his energy blade to fight for chivalry and justice in any time.

I don’t like to focus too much on the negative aspects of any toy I review, sure the bad parts need to be addressed when they are there, but I feel like spewing all my hate of something is a waste of my time and your time. So in the interest of positivity let’s get all the negative stuff out of the way now. Yes SLL is mostly a giant blob of blue with a little red mixed in here and there. Yes he is about as simple a design as you can get. No he doesn’t even come close to the awesomeness that is Draego-Man. Yes we get ANOTHER character in the 30th line that is inserted heavily into the mythos via time travel. Yes he is waaaay to top heavy for most poses to work. Ok now that all that is out of the way what are the good parts of SLL? Well for one (like all MOTUC figures) he is well sculpted by the 4H, and while the majority of the figure is re used parts the new stuff (head, armor, and weapons) looks great. His head has some nice detailing in the grill and the techno bits next to his visor that really sell that this guy is some kind of techno knight who fights with lasers. His armor while simple has some nice silver painted bits where the cape connects and at the clips keeping it together that look nice. The large translucent plume on top of his helmet is pretty neat, how a laser manages to look like a feathered plume I will never know, but hey it’s a strange land over there on Eternia anything is possible. Unlike some other figures his armor doesn’t even block his articulation much, so that is a very good thing as well.

Paint on my SLL is great with everything looking clean and nice. The one area the paint is an issue for me is his sword, it was molded in the translucent red plastic with the handle painted yellow, which is all well and good except that between the figure shipping with the sword in his hand and taking it out of his hand for pictures it has left a good deal of yellow paint on his glove, and quite a bit of spots on the handle of the sword. All of his various joints are loose enough to move, but tight enough to stay where you put them which is a great change of pace from last months stuck arms figures for sure.

Sir Laser-Lot comes with 3 accessories, his sword, shield, and mace. Despite the paint issues with the sword I mentioned before all three of these look great, the mace especially is a great accessory that looks awesome even if the handle is just a touch too small for the figures hands. The shield is cast in a translucent blue with some silver details on it that look pretty neat.

Articulation on SLL is your usual MOTUC fare, swivel/hinge shoulders and hips, swivels at the wrists, biceps, thighs, waist, and boot tops, the ab crunch, a ball jointed head with ok movement, and hinges at the elbows and knees. His large cape does make some poses pretty hard to accomplish as it makes him want to fall backward time and time again, but mostly he is just as poseable as any other MOTUC figure.

Overall I’m not impressed with this figure, and if it wasn’t for Draego-Man and the upcoming Castle Greyskull man I would be ready to call the entire 30th line a wash. If you are a completionist then you most likely have him in your hands or coming soon, but if you are not worried about getting every figure in the line then you could easily skip Laser-Lot and not feel bad about it at all.


3 thoughts on “Masters Of The Universe Classics Sir Laser-Lot Review

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    August 29, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    The Time Agent who brought SLL to the Future was Spector… He’s like the Solid Snake of MOTUC… No, seriously! Spector is the agent who infiltrates, while the others stay back at home base giving him the instructions.

    ON SLL’s mane and stuff… Light Constructs like those from Green Lan… tern.

    Draego-Man is the perfect Nemesis for this guy… Dragon vs Knight!

  • avatar
    August 30, 2012 at 4:21 am

    ha ha good point!

    laser light constructs? 😉

    Draego would wipe the floor with SLL me thinks

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