McDonald’s Happy Meal Super Looney Tunes – 1991


I love Happy Meals from my childhood. There were some really great Happy Meals in the 80’s and early 90’s. Muppet Babies, Super Mario Bros 3, Changeables, Batman Returns; the list could go on for a while. One of my favorites is Super Looney Tunes from 1991 and I just happen to have gotten my hands on one of the displays that was set up in McDonald’s to show off the toys.


For those who may not remember the Super Looney Tunes toys, they were little figures of four characters from the cartoon. We got Bugs Bunny, Taz, Petunia Pig, and Daffy Duck. Each had a snap on costume to become a DC Comics inspired Superhero.


Bugs became the Superman-like Super Bugs.


Taz fittingly became Taz-Flash.


Petunia seemed a little shoehorned in because we all know we’d want Porky Pig but she does make a nice Wonder Pig.


And Daffy became Bat-Duck, my favorite of the four.

There’s not much to say about Super Looney Tunes. They weren’t highly sought after action figures and they aren’t spoken of very much these days but they were a cool inspiration from comic books that merged two fun worlds into one nice Happy Meal idea.
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