Monster Kolor Future Factory 3D Printing Class Coverage (64 Pics)

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Monster Kolor’s events are always a good time, but this past class was especially cool because of the new and wondrous tech that was showcased. 3D printing is something I have been very interested in for a while so it was really neat to see it in action. Let’s enter the Future Factory ooooohhhhhoooooooooooohhhhhhhhoooooohhhhhh (that’s the sound of the Future)

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The Future Factory class was taught by 3 VERY talented dudes. David White other wise known as Mecha Zone, Ben Mininberg AKA Prometheus Rising Studios, and Sanjeev Shankar Selvaraj AKA Brownnoize Productions. Each of these cats has a very different style. Brownnoize does a lot of the Japanese style super robots, and Mecha Zone is more American style mech types, while Prometheus is a great mix of 80’s era guys driving mechanized suit stuff. These guys have their styles for sure, but they are not locked into those tropes by any means as there was a wild variety of robots available for purchase at the show.

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The class started out with the boys giving a brief rundown of themselves and their backgrounds, and from there moved to talk of how the bots were actually modeled in 3D on the computer. The neat thing about 3D printing is the barrier for entry isn’t unreachable by any means, and it seems like the biggest hurdle (beyond the expense of the machine which isn’t terrible) is learning the modeling software itself. They explained a bit about the different types of software that can be used as well. Then we broke up into teams because each set of parts takes a few hours to print, and chose the designs we wanted to take home with us.

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After the printers got going we all took a look at the different robots the guys had brought with them. Prometheus had same insanely painted bots of many sizes, and with various amounts of articulation. Mecha Zone had robots that not only actually transformed into vehicles with great articulation, but also larger mechs and some large scale Micronaut style figures with the crazy MZ chest pieces and silver heads. Brownnoize had a gaggle of well articulated small guys, and some samples of his upcoming Powered Bio Suit (my god that thing by the way!) on display as well. As you can see in the pictures if you are a fan of Robots and Toys you should be watching all of these guys like a hawk for their releases because they are sure to blow out of product.

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After our bots finished printing we went to final and very important step of the process. 3D prints by design are rough and textured, and while this isn’t the end of the world by any means it does leave them looking a bit unfinished. This is countered by a relatively simple solution. I’m not gonna go into minute detail about it, but it is an Acetone Vapor Bath that within seconds smoothes the plastic and gives it a nice gloss. Feel free to look this technique up on your own, but be warned you could blow yourself up so be careful.

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 Monster Kolor is really on to something with this wide array of classes that have been offered. I don’t necessarily learn something I didn’t know before each time (I did this time however), but getting to hang out in a room of toy folk alone is well worth the price of admission. Keep your eyes peeled on The MK blog or Social hub for more info on future classes. I want to say thanks again to our 3 teachers for an excellent job, and to Monster Kolor as always for hosting. Be sure to check the gallery below for all the pictures.

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    January 31, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Great write-up, homie! I appreciate your coverage of the event. Obviously, teaching an event like this is a little distracting! 😉 Ya miss lots of little details here and there…so coverage like this is great for me. Oh, and incidentally: you WON’T blow yourself up with the acetone vapor bath. Fun to joke about though…’cause that ish looks kinda cray! LOL

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      January 31, 2014 at 2:50 pm

      No prob bud. I know you won’t actually blow yourself up with vapor bath, but still best to cover the bases in case some fool burns their house down with improper handling of the acetone. It only takes one guy smoking near it to ruin ti for everyone lol

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