Monster Kolor Pin Striping Class.

MK Class 1

This past Saturday I attended the Monster Kolor Pin Striping Class, and let me tell you it was a wonderful day. I learned a lot about painting, and it was great to watch Matt Walker (the genius behind Monster Kolor and Master Painter) work his magic with a brush. Read on to get the full lowdown on the class and see a ton of pictures of the amazing toys littered around the studio, there is over 80 pics (I’m the one who isn’t in any of them)!

MK Class 27


MK Class 28

MK Class 29

Early Saturday morning myself, my buddy PJ (head honcho over at Spaced out design), my other buddy Drew (who you will be seeing some neat resin stuff from at some point soon), and our good friend Seth (Lamboney) headed up to Monster Kolor Studios. When we arrived we were treated to pastries, and got a look at all the incredible toys around the office/store (more on those in a bit). We also met the other two members of the class Todd, and Shanti ( a couple of great dudes!). Once we had all settled in we got down to business, this wasn’t your typical class where you listen to a teacher drone on and on about something. Walker gave a brief rundown of what we would be doing along with some great techniques for holding the brush, after that we go right down to business practicing the main strokes used in Pin Striping. Throughout the next few hours we all got a hang of the feel of the brush, and learning how to properly apply the pressure to make the precise lines needed for a pin stripe to look good. The entire air was very laid back, and we had a blast laughing and talking while doing the work. At one point I stood up, and when I sat down the chair rolled away from me sending me crashing to the ground in a hilarious spill (luckily neither me nor the glass case I almost fell into was damaged) that had us all laughing for a few minuets. After the first few hours we took a quick break to admire our handiwork, and then we put our knowledge of the strokes to the test on some complex designs. The class ended with Walker doing a bit of pin striping on some toys we had brought along (including a Prince Algor Figure that came out awesome) and showing us some things for painting on different surface areas. Pin Striping is a complex and hard technique to master (especially in 4 hours), but Walker did a great job of teaching us a solid foundation with which to take home and practice in our own time. I feel confident that if I spent enough time practicing I could very well be a great pin striper in time. For the low price of $70 the amazing experience and knowledge I gained was well worth it. There is another class happening in June which looks really great (see the image below) that I will certainly be attending as well. Expect to see full coverage of that even here on DoomKick after it happens.



MK Class 30


MK Class 31

MK Class 32

MK Class 33


MK Class 34


MK Class 35


MK Class 36


MK Class 37


MK Class 38


MK Class 79


MK Class 80


MK Class 82


MK Class 83


MK Class 84

Beyond the great skills we learned that day we also got to stare in awe of the amazing collection of toys and other neat stuff gracing the wall of MK Studios. The pictures that follow are of the many great toys on display inside.

MK Class 2

MK Class 3

MK Class 4

MK Class 5

MK Class 6

MK Class 7

MK Class 8

MK Class 9

MK Class 10

MK Class 11

MK Class 12

MK Class 13

MK Class 14

MK Class 15

MK Class 16

MK Class 17

MK Class 18

MK Class 19

MK Class 20

MK Class 21

MK Class 22

MK Class 23

MK Class 24

MK Class 25

MK Class 26

MK Class 39

MK Class 40

MK Class 41

MK Class 42

MK Class 43

MK Class 44

MK Class 45

MK Class 46

MK Class 47


MK Class 48

MK Class 49

MK Class 50

MK Class 51

MK Class 52

MK Class 53

MK Class 54

MK Class 55

MK Class 56

MK Class 57

MK Class 58

MK Class 59

MK Class 60

MK Class 61

MK Class 62

MK Class 63

MK Class 64

MK Class 65

MK Class 66

MK Class 67

MK Class 68

MK Class 69

MK Class 70

MK Class 71

MK Class 72

MK Class 73

MK Class 74

MK Class 75

MK Class 76

MK Class 77


So the Monster Kolor Pin Striping Class was a huge success in my mind, if you live in the MA area or can travel freely I highly suggest you take a look at the Monster Kolor page to find out about any upcoming class. Also be sure to check out some of the cool pics from that day on Instagram @MonsterKolor, or the awesome dudes attending class with me @Spacedoutdesign, @mechavirus, @lamboney , @shantismo, and @aparkernorton  each of these guys post some great toy pics as well, and if you are not already don’t forget to follow @doomkick.

MK Class 78



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