If you are anything like me you are probably tired of hearing about the Masters Of The Universe Classics on the chopping block thing, well this is going to be our last (except reviews obviously) MOTUC post for a while. With last night’s unofficial and this mornings almost official announcements, we have learned that Mattel has reached enough sales for the 2013 subscription to go forward. All you MOTUC fans give yourself a big pat on the back, you did it!!! MOTUC will go on throughout 2013, with great figures like Ram Man, Jitsu, and Fang Man. The sub was saved from the jaws of death by all you dedicated fans who did everything to get the numbers up, and this is a good thing right?

Well I’m not so sure it is for a few reasons. First off to get to that magic number many fans had to purchases more subs than they usually would have, with one fan even going above and beyond the call by matching subs over the weekend ending up with 30+ subs for himself. The problem this creates is next year at this time we are all going to be in the exact same situation again. Are all of the people who ordered one, two, or twenty-nine more subs than they needed prepared to do that again next year? I sure hope so because unless something drastic happens the sub numbers probably wont be picking up too much for 2014. Sure ToyGuru has said that 2014 will be full of A listers we need to complete our collections, but after a year of (supposedly) little to no day of sales stock and the increased prices on the secondary market that its sure to bring, will anyone who didn’t sub this year be back for the next? My thought is no, especially if they go through a year with them being able to obtain very few figures for decent money. I don’t know about you, but if I had a nearly MOTUC free year I wouldn’t exactly be chomping at the bit to spend the high prices for more toys just to get some figures that TG considers A list, in fact I would jump ship on the whole line. I subbed this year, and I will sub next year and every year they continue to put it out there for sale. I love MOTUC, its my favorite toy line out there right now despite any problems with the way the line is handled. I’m willing to put my dollars towards it every year, but I will not be bullied by Mattel or the fans to buy more than I need. I don’t need the hassle of trying to sell figures from a second or third sub on my plate, DoomKick, life, and work already take up enough of my time as it is. I just don’t want to have to go through this “save MOTUC” stuff every year, its bad for the line and it divides the fan base. Another problem with the (potential) 2014 line up of A listers is that I don’t want only “meat and potatoes” remakes of vintage figures, sure we have our Fistos and Stinkors, but for every one of those we have figures like Spikor, that unless you have been a fan of for years are just boring. I love this line for the weirdo’s, and I would rather see Lizard Man, Dree Elle, and any number of cool concept characters over a straight remake of a figure we have already seen in figure form once or twice. I know for a fact I am not the only person who feels this way, and with the dire circumstance we find ourselves in I feel like some of the fringe characters are in serious trouble of ever being made. Lets face facts if this line ends the chances of us seeing another all encompassing MOTU line again are slim to none. If it does happen we will have to start back at square one again, and how many different takes on He Man and Skeletor do we really need in our lives?

So how do we fix this problem? Well there is several options in my mind that I think would help us here. First I think the line needs to go to retail, not the entire line mind you, but maybe between six and eight of the core characters like He Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, etc etc to start. Mattel already has the molds and tooling for these figures, and the presence in stores will do nothing but increase the visibility of the line, and maybe just maybe bring some new customers and fans into the mix. Sure they had the MOTU vs. DCU two packs that were a great way to get cool repaints out there, but paying $30.00 for one MOTUC figure (with limited accessories) and a DCUC ( with most likely no accessories) figure you may or may not want is pretty stupid. Without some new blood this line is dead in the water already, and I know that we don’t want to see it die if the outpouring of support the past few weeks is any indication. Secondly and maybe even more importantly I think they need to make less figures each year, sure we all want our favorite characters right now, but if they decreased the sub to say six figures a year and one or two large scale items it would lower the cost of entry and hopefully make more people sign up for a sub, which would increase the life of the line. Are these ideas the best ways to truly save the line? I don’t know I’m just one dude with a website and a opinion. What do you think would help? Let me know in the comments section. What I do know is if something doesn’t change even with the great news we have today of the 2013 sub going through, the future looks bleak.