MOTUC San Diego Comic Convention 2011 exclusive Queen Marlena / Capt Glenn Review

As a kid I can recall always wanting a Queen Marlena figure. She was a pivotal character in the cheap cialis online Filmation series but since she was a creation of Filmation, not Mattel, she never saw a release. While that didn’t stop Mattel from making other Filmation characters into figures, Queen Marlena just wasn’t too high on the list. Then again, King Randor wasn’t either, most likely the only reason we saw a Randor release was the fact that he was a “low cost solution” figure released at the tail end of the line when they were looking to rush figures to the market. Queen Marlena, like Sorceress would have required extensive tooling. I don’t think they would have fooled anyone by sticking a new head on top of a Teela/Evil Lyn’s body.

Fast forward to Summer of 2011 and fans finally got their shot at a Queen Marlena figure. So was the wait worth it? Lets find out!


In almost every media Queen Marlena was always some sort of Astronaut from the Planet Earth. In one version she crashed on Eternia along with three others who would become Evil-Lyn, Tri-Klops, and Beast Man. I was never too crazy about them all being shipmates, but I always liked that Marlena was from our planet, it was a great way to give Eternia a connection to Earth.

Queen Marlena was sold as an SDCC exclusive and later Captain Glenn went on sale via Matty Collector. Both figures came with the exact same accessories so you could make their counterpart.

Queen Marlena comes packaged in her imperial robe and Captain Glenn comes in her spacesuit. Both outfits are made from a soft, pliable plastic (much like the capes) and can be removed from the back via the tabs that fit snugly together. While it’s not exactly easy to get the tabs in place, once you do “get it right” they’re nice and tight. Or you can be like me and give up halfway and let the Queen walk around with her tuchus hanging out.


Captain Glenn is packed in her spacesuit and evokes a retro-sci-fi look. The jumpsuit fits much easier and on top goes the respirator/oxygen tank, the silver back of the helmet, Glenn’s head, and finally the clear portion of the bubble. Speaking of heads, as they say, two heads are always better than one. There’s a head for Queen Marlena with a crown and one for Captain Glenn with a different hair style.

Glenn comes with standard MOTUC articulation we’ve all come to know and love. As an added bonus we get to see the balljointed torso, however its really of no use once you get her suit/dress on.

 Marlena comes with a slew of accessories. First up is a mini-blaster w/ belt & holster (previously seen with Adora). The blaster reminds me of the “Noisy Cricket” — the tiny weapon that appeared in the first Men in Black film. Well, if the blaster is the “Noisy Cricket” then the laser rifle is the “BFG” (big freakin’ gun). In addition Glenn gets a broadsword (as previously seen with Battleground Teela) and a scepter bearing the royal crest (similar to Randor’s). But wait, there’s more! Just as Prince Adam was packed in as an “accessory” with Orko, Queen Marlena also gets her own bonus character.

Marlena also includes He-Man’s fearless friend, Cringer! Sculpted as a solid piece, he’s pretty much exactly what I expected. Some were disappointed that Cringer was not super-articulated I thought it was neat that he got a swivel joint on h is tail and head. To some it’s a pointless lump of plastic but to me it was a great accessory. I don’t see any need for a fully articulated version.

Although some may argue Queen Marlena was a poor choice for an exclusive, I think she was a great choice. How else would we have got so much new tooling, both on the figure’s accessories and with Cringer. For $25 bucks you really are getting the best value for your dollar and the added bonus of completing House Randor.


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