My Top 10 Toys of 2013

photo_1Another year in the can, and it was a pretty crazy one for 2013. We saw some seriously incredible toys (including Castle Grayskull and Bepop and Rocksteady among others which came in too late to make it on this list.) Just like I did last year I will be taking a look back at some of my favorite toys that have been reviewed here on DoomKick. Let’s take a look at my list which coincidentally is in no particular order.


Horde troopers 21


Horde troopers 20

Horde Troopers:

This year was truly an awesome year for MOTUC, and we saw some really really great figures come out, but the Horde Troopers tops my list of the best MOTUC figures for the simple fact that they are totally awesome. This 2 pack is a perfect example of army builders done right, and with their sweet look and incredible accessories these guys will go down as some of the best figures in the whole line…at least around here.

Horde Troopers 18


Horde Troopers 14


Robo Force 18


Robo Force 1

Robo Force:

Toyfinity KILLED it this year with the return of my beloved Mordles, but it is Robo force that really kicked things into the stratosphere. Adding a ton if sick parts to the Glyos line alone would be enough to secure a spot on this list, and Robo force manages to just look like a cup of hot dopeness on top of that. With 3 color ways released so far and more on the way the future looks bright for these badass robots.

Robo Force 14


Robo Force 17


Eternal Barbarian 14


Eternal Barbarian 16

Weaponeers of Monkaa:

For the second year in a row I am including the awesome WoM figures on my top toys list. Last year Spy Monkey Creations came out of the gate swinging with their awesome line of figures, but this year they stepped their game up with some very cool homage figures loaded with clever paint aps which easily secures them in pantheon of great toys from 2013.


Flesh WoM 30


gitd wom 25


Han Solo 20


x wing luke 18

Star Wars Black 6 inch figures:

Yeah the entire line of SWB made it on the list. The hook of highly articulated 6 inch (new size!) figures had me intrigued from the jump off, but once they were in hand I fell in love with them hard. Hasbro even managed to get me to buy a Darth Maul figure for the first time since the Episode 1 midnight figure release which is pretty impressive if you know how much I loathe Darth Maul. I expect the 2014 waves of SWB to be filled with great figures, and I really hope we can get some kind of mounts of larger characters into the mix as well.

Han Solo 21


sandtrooper 13


Jason Vorhees 21


Jason Vorhees 10

SDCC NES Variant Jason Vorhees:

NECA has been firing on all cylinders this year with some great figures, but this tribute to the fabled NES game they offered at SDCC really takes the cake on straight up cool toys. Making a character I’m not super hype on in a NES style deco is a sure fire way to get me to pay attention, and this Jason was well worth the “trouble” of asking someone to mule him for me. It’s too bad NECA had to go and screw the Freddy NES version up with the statue legs.

Jason Vorhees 11


Jason Vorhees 23


Mousers 12


Mousers 9

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mousers 7 Pack:

The Nick TMNT cartoon line has been filled with let downs for me this year, but the Mousers changed all that by coming at us with a 7 pack filled with hungry awesome. I now have 3 sets of these guys (that’s 21 mousers for those playing at home!) and if buying 3 sets of the same figures doesn’t equal top toys of the year list then what the hell does?

Mousers 13


Mousers 10


Power Lords 16


Power Lords 14

Power Lords Power Soldiers:

The Second release at NYCC (I refuse to type that asinine name out ever again) may have been a major let down for me, but the First release of the new Power Lords from the Four Horsemen are still a blockbuster figure for sure. Combining Star Wars figures with Glyos is such a great idea that I’m shocked it took us this long to get some. Hopefully we see more guys like this in the line over the next year.

Power Lords 11


Power Lords 10


Summoners Altar 11


Summoners Altar 12

The Summoners Circle:

I have seen a lot of resin toys this year and while many of them are really cool the Summoners Circle stands out not only for its greatness as a playset/photo backdrop, but also for the originality it brings to the game. Kid Ink Industries has been pumping out cool stuff all year, and will continue to do so into the next I’m quite  positive.

Summoners Altar 1


Summoners Altar 10


Giant Callgrim 1


Giant Callgrim 5

Jumbo Callgrim:

Jesse Moore dropped a bomb on us at NYCC (and then later online) when he pulled out a box of these giant vinyl Callgrim figures. Featuring all the parts and articulation of a regular Callgrim, but giant sized makes one of the most baddest dudes in the galaxy ever so much badder. Jumbo Callgrim is insanity to even exist in reality so its inclusion on this list was very easy.

Giant Callgrim 4


Giant Callgrim 3


Acromancer Overworld 10


Preytus 14

Realm of the Underworld:

ROTU came out with a great first offering, and then proceeded to step it right up to ever more sweet levels with the second wave. Bringing back the vintage Remco style of figures is a noble thing Zoloworld is doing, and the figures are just so freaking cool that their place on this list is very well earned. Wave 3 looks to take the whole operation up to a whole new level as well.

Kry Sis 13


Archterrus 9


Well there you have it another great year filled with great toys. Join us in 2014 for another full year of awesome toy (and non toy) coverage.



4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Toys of 2013

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    December 30, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Fantastic! 2013 was just a really stellar year for toy collecting.

    • avatar
      December 31, 2013 at 10:38 am

      It really was

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    August 30, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Where do the big heads on the Power Lords figures come from, please ?
    That’s a great combination !

    • avatar
      September 1, 2014 at 2:00 am

      Those are from the Banimon figures if you use the search function top left of the site and type in Banimon you can see all the posts about them


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