Nerd Block Exclusive Simpsons Weird Al by NECA


I’ve been a big Weird Al fan since I was first introduced to him in 1992 with his then brand new album, Off The Deep End. I was 12 and Weird Al’s comedy hit me in the right spots. I ended up buying Off The Deep End on cassette and followed that up with all his earlier stuff as well. I do need to go back and buy those earlier albums again in a more modern form as I no longer have a tape player. Those albums aren’t the topic of today’s Doom Kick piece however. Today we’re looking at Weird Al himself in action figure form!


I never really thought I would ever own a Weird Al action figure. I never really thought I needed one even as much as I like Weird Al. Now that I have a tiny plastic Weird Al I know I was always missing it. I may not collect Simpsons figures and I may never have a collection to add this to but it will always be displayed somewhere.


The standard Simpsons Weird Al is the classic Al; mustache and big glasses, Hawaiian shirt and accordion. This Nerd Block exclusive version keeps the shirt and accordion but ditches the glasses and mustache. It’s a more modern Al seen ever since Running With Scissors was released. I love Al’s classic look but that’s probably just nostalgia talking. His modern look is much better in my opinion.


This figure is more of a statue than an action figure. There is some articulation but the movement is very minimal. It’s not a huge problem for me personally but somebody who might want Al to do more than hold his accordion might be disappointed. Speaking of that accordion, it is a separate accessory that Al holds perfectly but you probably won’t want to display him without it. He seems balanced for the accordion as I could not get him to stand without it. He simply falls backwards every time I tried to get him to stand without his instrument. Once holding the accordion he could stand perfectly fine.


Basically, when it comes down to it this is a pretty decent Weird Al action figure. If you are a big fan of Al or collect The Simpsons figures then you’ll definitely want this.


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