New TEWOJ Accessory Set Dropping Friday


This Friday 6/9/17 at 12pm EST in the DK Store  I’ll be dropping the latest addition to The Exciting World of Jalldoon. This month we get a pretty sweet accessory set let’s check it out.



Bablov’s Kit Accessory Set. 

Long, long ago during the great war that birthed the Covenant of Crowns a band of heroes became known for their actions fighting back against the evil hoards of the Mad Generals besieging the Planet. One of these heroes was Legendary Paladin Bablov Kalba, who was known just as much for smashing enemies down with his hammer as he was for using it send out a powerful healing aura increasing the very life of those caught in it. His shield was capable of sending out magical shockwaves of varying force that could simply push an enemy back or obliterate them completely. Bablov, as well as his partner Meven Crawsly the famed War Mage, were in fact, essential in creating the seals and spells that locked the souls of the traitorous Generals and their men inside the cursed gems for all eternity. The paladin is said to have created an arcane journal detailing the in and outs of these magics imprisoning such power. Years after the Great War Bablov and Meven would marry officially, and soon retire to a Vineyard. In fact, the wine they brewed was said to be the most amazing wine anyone had ever tasted on the entire Planet. The superb taste of their Wine mixed Gatonian grapes grown from seeds enchanted with a mixture of Bablov and Meven’s spells. Unfortunately for Jaldoonian wine lovers, upon the deaths of the two which (as is almost always the case for magically inclined lovers who mix spells between each other for such a long time) happened simultaneously in their sleep at the ripe old age of 567 and 542 respectively their Vineyard burst into flames destroying not only the legendary wine, but any chance of ever creating it again. No one knows what happened to all of Bablov’s wonderful weapons and knowledge, but all we do know is it somehow many of his belongings ended up tucked away inside the Lost Reliquary of Karnok where it had been cataloged and secured in the royal vaults of the Imperial Palace. Now residing in the care of Prince Algor and his friends in that armory of Hawkstorm Keep Bablov would be proud to see his equipment used by the hands of good in service of the Planet once again.

Each Bablov’s Kit will cost $25 (plus shipping) and include

1: Bablov’s Hammer Accessory 

1: Bablov’s Shield Accessory

1:Bablov’s Arcane Journal (Red or Orange ) Accessory 

1: Bottle of “La Gatos De La Vino Muerte” lost Wine accessory 

1: Stone Pot  

1: Crate with removable lid  

Hammer, Shield, Wine, and Book can all be held by all TEWOJ, ROTU, and most vintage 5.5 action figures.


In addition to delivering some more weapons and handheld accessories, the set also comes with a couple of set pieces that will add to display or photos which is something I’m pretty pumped about. Bablov’s kit also helps show off the new Matte technique I’ve been using to cut down on the shine AVB’d parts have. The shine is great for some things,but not so much for stone/wood so it helps to have another way to differentiate parts and make things look better. Also,there will be a BRAND NEW TEWOJ Story dropping on the FaceBook page Friday morning which picks up roght after the revelations dropped on Algor during the incident at Bakurados Bay   So be ready for that.


So that’s this months TEWOJ sale item. See you Friday 6/9/17 at 12pm EST in the DK Store






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