New York Comic Con Coverage: After Midnight Studios

Rufus 1Andrew Scribner AKA Rufus the creator of OMFG Cry Borg  and the man behind After Midnight Studios was on hand at NYCC with his awesome wares, and as usual his stuff looked phenomenal. Let’s take a look at After Midnight Studios. Warning 1 or 2 of these pics may be considered NSFW depending on your view. You have been warned.

rufus 10


Rufus 2



Rufus 3



Rufus 4



Rufus 5



Rufus 7



rufus 8I love Andrew’s art style quite a bit, and I even picked up his Cry Borg print to add to my Scrap Metals print collection which reminds me.. I gotta get some frames. The F.A.G.S line continues to be filled great sculpts and humorous content like the above “keep the cape on” figure that kills me.  For ever more awesome art from After Midnight Studios be sure to look at the site.



rufus 9



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