News: DK Recruiting And Some Info About The Future


Things are happening left and right over here. this was originally supposed to be a post about DK recruiting, but recent events have made it clear that that a few other things need to be addressed. First off though DoomKick is looking to expand and take on a few new content creators. If you’d like to write for DK read on to find out all the details, and to see what other developments have come to light recently.



Ok so right off rip…. I’m looking for a few individuals who want to write about stuff! “But what kind of stuff Doc?” you ask… well the answer there is pretty much anything really. Do you want to write about comics? Go ahead! Weird food items? suuuuuuure go for it! Maybe you just want someplace to post that webcomic you have been working on each week?  Since I have been trying to spread out a bit here on DK anything is up for grabs, and you could even write about toys as long as it doesn’t intersect too much with the stuff we are already writing about. Simply send me a email at telling me what kind of stuff you want to do, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m looking forward to seeing some new stuff here in the near future.

Dk Merch 1

In other news there is now two new places to get some sweet DK toys and other stuff.

The first of these is the new DoomKick Redbubble store where you can get a lot of cool stuff like t-shirts (in multiple styles like baseball tees or V neck..even kids shirts), hoodies, cell phone cases, art prints, stickers, and much more. I will be adding different works to this store regularly so check back often. Up there now is some great guest art from Ralph Niese and Mouth Rot as well as some stuff by me, and there is even more guest art coming soon from a VERY talented artist as well. Redbubble is spoken of very highly by some talented cats I know, and while they do set the base prices of the items I have set my cut of it very low to ensure a good deal for y’all. We will be adding a permanent ad on the sidebar of the site for this store to make it easy to keep up to date with soon.


Rampaging Robots 1

The other news is the death of the DK store here on the site. I have no idea what happened with it, but it went very wrong during the Rampaging Robots drop. I have created a temporary store on Big Cartel, and as of now I’m not sure if we will be making a brand new store here or just staying on BC for the future so more details on this as soon as I know them. For the remainder of the RR sale (they are running very low as of now if you haven’t picked one up yet) and possibly the next drop we will be camped out over on the cartel site. At the very least being on bc should cut out any problems with sales for now.

Joe Amato Slimes 1

 Speaking of future drops…. coming up soon (likely the end of August) will be the Slimes sculpted by Joe Amato. Joe did a great job with these two guest sculpts, and we will be making them available as painted sets of two (Dirty Slime, and the mini Goopy Slime friend) Joe is painting some, and I am painting some (pictured above and below) so we will have a nice little selection of slimes for your pleasure. I will also have a few of the first two waves of Slimes available painted as well, and this will be the last time we see most of these sculpts for a while (with the exception of one future project I have planned) so get your slime on while you can. After that I’ll be finally dropping the long gestating Banimon crossover. Boris and I have been working on this a long time, and I think you guys will be really pleased with what we have cooked up. There is also a crossover with Pugnacious that has been brewing a while too which will likely be after NYCC (which incidentally I will not be attending for the first time in years, but for a VERY good reason) at some point. I also have an Idea I have been kind of obsessing over recently that I’m going to have to make happen before the year is through. Huge thanks to everyone who has purchased Rampageo Industries products this year. You guys are the best! Thanks for reading this rambling post all about what I’m doing. How are you doing? Let me know in the comments below.

joe amato slimes 2


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    August 7, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I would contribute, but my plan is to simply imitate and undermine. So get ready for the launch of my new website the doomiest boomiest kickiest website ever!!!

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    August 9, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Damn you Clark…Damn you all to heck


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