News: DoomKick/TEWOJ Teepublic now live!


Good news everyone! The new DK/TEWOJ/Ri Teepublic is now up and running! I’ve posted several designs from Terry Thielen, Conquerer Worm, Rocket North, and Myself. This new shop will be replacing the old Redouble shop here on the homepage soon enough as well. In the video below I speak a bit on why I changed over to Teepublic, and I talk about the return of the Kandanian Land Slugs as well as BRAND NEW Slime character. Keep Reading for all the details.

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One thought on “News: DoomKick/TEWOJ Teepublic now live!

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    March 18, 2016 at 1:19 am

    So I guess the shop isn;t listing them at $14 for some reason. I’m looking into it as we speak.


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