News: Hammer Of The Gods Warduke Figure On Sale Today

Tonight our good friend at Hammer of the Gods is dropping a VERY sweet looking small run batch of custom 5.5 style Warduke figures in his shop at Noon Central time These guys will play well with MOTU,ROTU,TEWOJ, and any of the other various 5.5 size lines. Having seen HOTG work in person at Zolocon  I can safely say these guys will be of the highest quality. Warduke being a beloved character hasn’t really had his day in 5.5 up until now. I’m sure there has been some customs, but this I think is the first attempt at really bringing more than one of him into existence which is awesome. This guy is limited to 5 full figures and 10 DIY parts sets for the customizers out there. Full figures will be $90.00 while DIY Parts sets will be $40.00 (USD)  Today at 12 PM Central time in his shop.


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